Set up Hub events

Before members of the employee organization can begin creating events for an initiative, a hub administrator must do the following:


Events require a subscription to ArcGIS Hub Premium. For more information, see Pricing.

A default ArcGIS Online administrator may also have to enable collaborative events for individual initiatives that want community members to create events.

Enable hub events

When you enable events, you're creating a feature service called Hub Events, which is a database table for managing all the events created within your hub's employee organization.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub.
  2. On the Overview, click the New button and choose Event. You should see the following message: Enable events for your Hub to get started organizing and sharing events for your initiative. Select below to enable Hub events.

    You can also enable events in initiative edit mode by clicking the second drop-down menu and choosing Events. You can also access this page by adding /events/edit at the end of an initiative's URL (for example,

  3. Click Enable Events to allow members with the correct privileges to start creating events.
  4. The Hub Events feature service generates two feature layers. The first feature layer (Hub Events) is a view of the original feature service that stores attribute data relating to all events created in the organization. The second feature layer's view includes all attribute data for events shared with the public. This view is required for members to be able to publish public events.


    These items are automatically enabled with Delete Protection. If they are deleted, events will no longer function properly.

Assign privileges to create and attend events

To create events for an initiative, a person must belong to the initiative's core team group. Core team members should always have a Publisher role or equivalent role so that they have privileges to create and edit content, including events, for an initiative. The privileges that are specific to creating events are as follows:

  • Groups—Create, update, and delete
  • Groups—Make groups visible to public
  • Features—Edit

Similarly, community members who want to attend an event can only do so if they have the privilege to Join external groups. This privilege is included with the Publisher role that is assigned by default to all new community members.