Create an event

Events are a way for you to showcase details about upcoming meetings, festivals, openings, and other gatherings related to your initiative. Using the event cards, you can highlight specific events or create a calendar to display your events on sites and pages.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub.
  2. On Overview, select New and choose Event.


    If you are unable to create an event, see troubleshooting.

  3. Add an image by selecting Browse for image.

    The image you provide is used on the event's view and on a site or page when using the Featured events card.

  4. Provide information for the following required parameters:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Track attendance

      By default, the Attend button is turned on for new and existing events (does not affect event sharing or visibility). This setting can be edited after creating an event.

    • Related initiative

      Every event must have an initiative. To add one, select the search bar and enter the name of the initiative.

    • Organizers
    • Sponsors

      By default, the person who created the event is listed as a sponsor. This allows them to also email event attendees. Add additional core team members as sponsors if you want them to also be able to email attendees.

    • Where
    • When
  5. Save or publish your event.
    • Save as draft—If you're still working on your event, you can save it as a draft so that you can continue to edit it before you share it with a larger audience.

      Only event creators can access their events in Draft mode.

    • Publish—When you publish your event, the audience with whom the event is shared (your core team, your organization, or the public) can find the event in your initiative site's search results, on a site or page, or by following a link to the event's view. You and members of the core team can continue to edit the event at any time.

The event attendees group

Each event includes an ArcGIS Online group called the event-name Attendees Group. Anyone who selects the Attend button on a configured event card or the event's view is added to this group so that event organizers can send them emails.


All event attendees groups are automatically enabled with delete protection, but if a group is accidently deleted by an administrator, its event will no longer function properly.

Next steps

After creating an event, you can display the event on an initiative site or page and invite people to attend. You can also share the event's view on social media by posting its URL on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Events are not available in unified search (searches queried on