Create a call to action

The Follow Initiative card adds a button to your initiative's site or page that can be configured with a call to action, such as Get Updates, Learn More, or Get Involved. By clicking the button, a person is added to the initiative's followers group so that members of the core team can send email updates and content to those who've followed the initiative.


The Follow Initiative card requires a license to ArcGIS Hub Premium. To follow an initiative, a person must have an ArcGIS Online account or a community account.

Configure a Follow button

An initiative's core team members can follow these steps to configure a Follow button.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub.
  2. Click Manage on the Initiatives card on the Overview page.
  3. Open the initiative you want to edit.
  4. On the side panel, click Layout to view a list of cards.
  5. Add the Follow Initiative card to the site's layout.
  6. Under Follow Settings, provide context for your call to action in the Call-to-Action field.

    Use this space to set expectations for how frequently followers can expect to receive email updates from your team.

  7. For Button States, optionally, change the button text from Follow and Unfollow to a call to action of your choosing (for example, Learn More or Sign Up).
  8. Optionally, choose a button style: Outline or Solid background.

    To change button text color and background color, click Theme in the Customize panel and configure Button Background Color and Button Text Color.

  9. Click Save.

Use a button

You can add a button to a site or page and include a link to a survey, page, or external resource. Buttons do not have corresponding groups, so you can't use a button to manage followers as you would when using a Follow Initiative card.


You do not need ArcGIS Hub Premium to create buttons.