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Invite people to join your ArcGIS Hub Community

Collaborate with people within your organization and the community by inviting them to join an initiative team.

View community members

View lists of people who have created a community account with your ArcGIS Hub Community organization.

  1. Access the ArcGIS Hub Community.
  2. Click the Members tab.
  3. View members by searching for them using the search bar at the top of the list, or filter members by the initiatives they follow or the events they've signed up to attend.

Invite people to join your ArcGIS Hub Community

If you'd like to collaborate with someone who doesn't have a community account yet, you can invite them to become a community member.

  1. Access your hub's ArcGIS Hub Community.
  2. Click Organization in the top navigation bar, then click Members located on the menu to the left.
  3. Choose how you would like to invite a member. ArcGIS Online provide you with three options. It is recommended that you choose from the following two options:
    • Add members without sending invitations- requires you to set a username and password for the person you're adding. You will have to contact the member(s) you add and direct them to sign up for an account with the username or password you've created for them. In the case that they already have a community account, you can let them know that the next time they log in, they'll be required to set a new password. 
    • Add members and notify them via email- requires you to set a username for the community user. They will receive an email with a provided link to sign in and create a new password.
  4. Choose to add members either One at a time or From a file. Provide member details including email, name, and username. 
  5. Choose a Level. Opt for Level 2 access if you're adding people to help you create and manage content. With Level 1 access, they will only be able to view content and join groups.
  6. Choose a Role. Roles allow you to define what privileges community members can have as initiative team members. You can create and manage roles at anytime by accessing the community organization, choosing the Settings tab, then clicking Members from the .
  7. Optionally enable Allow Esri Access.
  8. Change the Message Member Will Receive or use the message provided if you are opting to send an email.
  9. Once you have finished adding members, click Next to review and Send Invitations.
  10. Community members must authenticate their new accounts before they will appear in your ArcGIS Hub Community organization. Then, you can add them to your initiative teams.