Publish your data as a weighted overlay service

A weighted overlay service is a portal item that references an image service. The image service references a mosaic dataset. You can share the item with your organization, specific groups, or the public. This functionality allows you to share your weighted overlay service with others so that they can leverage your content expertise in an analysis tool.

A mosaic dataset is a file-based data storage mechanism. To allow others to use it in a server and cloud environment, share it as a service. To share it as a service, you need an ArcGIS Image Server and an ArcGIS GIS Server with the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst 10.9 for Server. You can use ArcGIS version 10.3 or later.

  1. Create and configure a mosaic dataset to support a weighted overlay service.
  2. In ArcGIS Pro, browse to the mosaic dataset you createdand right–click the mosaic dataset and click Share As Web Layer.
    Share as a web layer
  3. In the Share As Web Layer tool, type a name.
  4. Check the check box next to Copy all data.
  5. Type a summary in the Summary text box.
  6. Type weightedOverlayService and any other descriptive tags for your web layer in the Tags text box.
  7. Under Sharing Options, click the check box for the groups with which you wan to share the service.
  8. Optionally, click Analyze and correct any reported problems.
  9. Click Publish.

    The service is shared to your ArcGIS Enterprise organization.

You have created and shared a weighted overlay service. You can access this service in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder or ArcGIS GeoPlanner.