Release notes for ArcGIS GeoBIM June 2023

The updates below have been made in ArcGIS GeoBIM.


General product updates include the following:

  • ArcGIS GeoBIM includes a new user experience in the create a project workflow that supports local coordinate systems and custom coordinate systems. When creating a project, you can now define the project's spatial reference by choosing a basemap.
  • You can use the Locate Engineering Documents tool to process IFC 4.3 files stored in Autodesk Construction Cloud or Autodesk BIM 360.
  • The Slice tool is now included with the 3D Analysis tools on the toolbar. The other 3D Explorer tool (Building Explorer) is now the Building Explorer widget.
  • Hyperlinks are added to the title of issues, schedules and BIM documents in the Link Explorer. Opening these title links causes the relevant Details Panel to open.
  • Issue Charts has a new user interface when no issues exist in the project. There are warning icons for each field in the charts and a message displayed under Issues Reporting that says You must add issues to your Project to use Issues Reporting.
  • The Issue Charts experience has been updated. You can only make one selection at a time on the charts. There is now a short processing period before the selected filter is applied and a filter pill appears above the charts to show the selection.

Enhancements and bug fixes

The following enhancements and bug fixes were made:

  • When customizing an ArcGIS GeoBIM app theme, the Font, Font Size, and Advanced Color settings have been removed due to their inconsistent styling effects. You can now only adjust Primary Color settings on chosen themes.
  • Save Changes is no longer enabled in the App Editor after you cancel adding a data source.
  • Performance improvements have been made when running tools for most Revit files.
  • The maximum run time for the Tools job has been increased from 1 hour to 4 hours.
  • Large values in BIM project cost are now supported, which results in less errors in BIM project boundaries on the Tools job.
  • The Time Slider drop-down menu now recognizes and labels external layers, which prevents confusion with other layers of the same name.
  • Issues now always show in Forge Viewer after clicking Show Linked Document in the Link Explorer.
  • The Forge Viewer now refreshes after clicking Linked Document in the Issue Details panel even if current item in the Forge Viewer contains the same linked document.
  • Issues now appear in the same location on the associated linked document when viewing in either the Forge Viewer or in Autodesk BIM 360.
  • The Type and Root Cause menus are now disabled in the Create New Issue panel if a linked document is not selected. When a document is selected the menus will populate with Type and Root Cause fields applicable to the project. Additionally, if the Issue location only has one available document to link to, it will be automatically selected in the Create New Issue panel.

Known issues

The following are the known issues in this release:

  • The List drop-down does not react to changes between Single/Split view in the Table widget.
  • When switching from Map to Scene view after creating an issue, the marker for the issue may not be visible even after selecting the issue in the Table widget and zooming to the issue. If this occurs, refresh the page to show the issue in Scene view.
  • Running the Tools job may result in Revit cloud and cloud workshared models being locked. Files must be manually unlocked by saving and republishing locked Revit models.
  • Calendar may pin to top left of the screen when using 3D Analysis tools.
  • Zooming in on the Elevation Profile in the Table widget causes the tracker on the map to display in the wrong area.
  • When you select a basemap with a custom coordinate system (without a universal WKID or EPSG code) in the App Editor, the Map widget does not display any basemap until you add a web map or a web scene to the App Editor. All layers including the basemap in any coordinate system would now be shown on the Map widget.
  • When you view the Editor in scene view, the created feature for the Line Note layer can appear and disappear depending on zoom level and/or camera angle. The workaround for this issue is to modify the camera angle by tilting the camera up or down.
  • Notes created, edited, or deleted when in Map View do not sync with scene automatically. Refresh the page to display updated notes in Scene View.
  • Non-string fields can not be searched in the Table widget.
  • Related documents in the Link Explorer do not flash on map in scene view for some spatial references
  • When you select a bookmarked map or scene view in your ArcGIS GeoBIM app, it could cause features in the Editor to disappear.
  • When you add a local web scene (using a non-web mercator local coordinate) into the ArcGIS GeoBIM viewer app, all ArcGIS GeoBIM layers (Documents, BIM Projects and Issues layers) gets clipped into the local scene extent.