Release notes for ArcGIS GeoBIM December 2021

The updates below have been made in ArcGIS GeoBIM.


General product updates include the following:

  • The WKID parameter in the Locate Engineering Documents and Locate Issues tools on the Tools page is now optional.
  • The Zoom to Layer Extent button is now available in the Layers widget located within the Map widget in the app.

Enhancements and bug fixes

The following enhancements and bug fixes were made:

  • When an issue is created in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), you are now able to view the linked document when you run the Locate Issues tool on the Tools page.
  • GeoBIM icons can accommodate map size or layout selections in the App Editor. In the App Editor, when the Tools Layout setting is changed, the existing map icons no longer overlap the GeoBIM tools.
  • You can edit the GeoBIM project's feature services with ArcGIS Pro.

    Only use the Web Mercator (3857) spatial reference when publishing additional layers for your GeoBIM project.

  • For BIM 360 or ACC, you can skip the georeferencing process for a document or folder of documents by creating a .prj file that has an empty definition with the name of the document, or with the name ESRI_CAD.PRJ to skip all documents in the folder. In this case, the document is not georeferenced and does not create a record in the documents table on the Tools page. However, If you add the empty .prj file after running the tools, the documents will be deleted from the documents layer.
  • Links Explorer and the Schedules table show multiple map selections in the schedule records using the Show Related Features button.
  • The Time Slider widget is an inactive placeholder in the App Editor.
  • After you click Run on the Tools page, the Cancel button does not display immediately, but only after the request to execute the job has been confirmed.
  • Invalid values cannot be inserted in the Minimum Number of Features for Clustering and Search Distance text box on the Tools page.
  • GeoBIM projects can be shared to groups within your ArcGIS Online organization from GeoBIM.

Known Issues

The known issue for this release is the flashing of the Schedules features is hard to see if the map is zoomed in closely to the features