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Get ArcGIS for Excel

Before you begin, be sure that the required software is properly installed and configured. If you don't have an ArcGIS account, get a free trial account.


ArcGIS for Excel is only supported with your Microsoft 365subscription license. It is not supported with your Office license.

Follow these steps to use the ArcGIS for Excel add-in in a Microsoft Excel worksheet:

  1. Visit Windows Apps - Microsoft Store and get ArcGIS for Excel.
  2. Open an Excel worksheet.
  3. On the Insert tab, click Office Add-ins.

    Insert tab with Office Add-ins button

  4. Depending on your role in your organization, click My Add-ins or Admin Managed to insert the ArcGIS for Excel add-in into the Excel worksheet.

    Contact your organization's administrator if you don't see the ArcGIS for Excel app or any add-ins. See frequently asked questions and answers to get more details.

    Learn more about ArcGIS user types and roles.

    Learn more about deploying add-ins in the Microsoft admin center.

    The ArcGIS tab is added to the Excel ribbon.

  5. Click the ArcGIS tab.
  6. Click Show Map.

    ArcGIS tab added to Microsoft Excel ribbon

You are now ready to use ArcGIS in an Excel worksheet.