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Share a map to ArcGIS

Sharing a map created in ArcGIS for Excel to ArcGIS is a quick way to share information with your organization or the ArcGIS community. You can share individual layers or the entire map.

Share a map

When you share a map, a web map is created in ArcGIS. If the map you are sharing contains layers created using Excel data, the layers represent a snapshot of the current data in the map.


  • You can only share a map or layer to ArcGIS if you are signed in using an ArcGIS user type with privileges to create, analyze, and share content and if sharing has been enabled by your organization's administrator. If you are unsure of your account permissions, contact your ArcGIS administrator.
  • Ensure that the map layer names don't contain unsupported characters. For more information, see Layer names.
  • To share a heat map layer to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, you must use ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 or later. Earlier versions of ArcGIS Enterprise do not support heat map layers.
  • If the map includes a layer with multiple complex geometries, such as country boundaries, ArcGIS for Excel renders the layer in Excel, but sharing the layer to ArcGIS may cause the process to time out and fail.

To share a map to ArcGIS, do the following:

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS if you are not already signed in.
  2. From the map tools, select Share map Share map.

    The Share map pane appears.

  3. In the Share map pane, specify a title, relevant tags, and a brief description of the layer and choose to share it with your content (private), everyone (public), your organization, or any groups to which you belong.

    These options are used to display information about the map in ArcGIS and are also used for searching.

  4. Select and specify Unique feature identifiers from the drop-down list.

    You can specify one or more fields that uniquely identify each feature. This facilitates feature updates after the layer is shared. Select more than one field to create a composite ID for each feature.

  5. Click Share to share the map to ArcGIS as a web map.

    A progress wheel indicates the publishing process. The publishing process may take several minutes depending on the amount of data in the map. To cancel sharing, click Cancel to return to the map tools.

    When the map has been shared successfully, a confirmation message appears, along with a link to view the shared map in ArcGIS. Click the link to view the web map details page in ArcGIS. This page displays the title, tags, and description you provided.

  6. Click the Close button Close to close the pane.
  7. Save the worksheet.

    Changes made to the map in ArcGIS are not reflected in the map-enabled worksheet.

Update a shared map

You can make changes to a map that you've shared, update the map and republish it to ArcGIS Platform.

When you update a shared map, the existing feature service in ArcGIS Platform is deleted and replaced with the new one. Any changes made to the map in ArcGIS Platform are overwritten when the shared map is updated in ArcGIS for Excel.

To update a shared map, do the following:

  1. Make the necessary changes to the data used to create layer or layers.

    Delete or add more layers to the map. The map automatically updates to reflect the changes.

  2. From the map tools, select Share map Share map.
  3. In the Share map pane, modify the map details as needed.
  4. Click Update to update the shared map.

    A progress wheel indicates the publishing process. When the map has been successfully updated, a confirmation message appears.

  5. Click the Close button Close to close the pane.
  6. Save the worksheet.