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Configure and display pop-ups

Pop-ups contain descriptive information about the features in each layer in the map. A pop-up displays a title and attribute information based on the columns and rows in the data. Pop-ups appear when you click a feature on the map. You can change the way information is presented in the pop-up by changing the header and specifying the fields to display.

Pop-ups are turned on by default for all supported layers. You can turn off pop-ups using the options in Layer options Layer options. Some ArcGIS layers do not support pop-up configuration; in these cases, pop-ups are not available in the layer options.


Click the Dock button Dock to anchor a pop-up while panning and zooming.

To configure layer pop-ups, complete the following steps:

  1. At the top of the layer list, click Layer options Layer options.

    The layer options appear.

  2. Select the layer to modify from the Active layer drop-down menu.
  3. From the layer options, select Pop-ups Pop-ups.

    The Pop-ups pane appears.

  4. Turn on the Enable pop-ups toggle button.

    The pop-up configuration options become active.

  5. From the Title field menu, select the field to display as the title of the pop-up.
  6. Below the Title field menu, do any of the following to change how the listed fields appear in the pop-up:
    • Select the fields to display in the pop-up. A selected field shows as visible Visible. When you hover over a field that is not selected, it shows as hidden Hidden. Click the Hidden button Hidden to display the field in the pop-up, or click the Visible button Visible to hide it. You can also click the Select fields button to select and deselect all fields in the layer.
    • Change the name of the field in the pop-up. Hover over the field and click Edit Edit. A text box appears. Type a new name in the text box and press Enter to save it.
    • Reorder the fields by dragging a field to a new location in the list.
  7. Click Back Back/ Return when you are finished to return to the layer list.

When you click a feature on the map, the newly configured pop-up appears. Click Zoom to Zoom to in the pop-up to zoom to the selected feature.