What's new

This release of ArcGIS Excalibur has various new improvements and new features.

  • ArcGIS Excalibur now supports ArcGIS Video layers, which are services that are published through ArcGIS Video Server.
  • Administrators can configure specific ArcGIS Video Server organizational settings in ArcGIS Excalibur, such as registering and setting the active data stores, publishing and configuring Livestream Video Layers, and other application-wide settings.
  • Users can search for video in the Search and Discover page to find video coverage of specific areas of interest.
  • Excalibur project details and management have been enhanced to improve project configuration.
  • The Image Display tool now supports client-side rendering with ArcGIS Tiled Imagery layers.
  • The Focus Panel in the canvas has been streamlined to support additional service types besides ArcGIS Imagery Layers.
  • Support for Oriented Imagery has been added and Oriented Imagery layers can be viewed in the canvas and saved to projects.
  • The Edit Observation tool now supports the ability to copy observations to other observation layers of the same geometry.