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Data Providers

Esri is proud to work with the following data providers:


Data: Netherlands—Advanced Demographics

4orange has been collecting data from Dutch consumers since 1991 and specializes in marketing efficiency and marketing infrastructure. 4orange supports its customers by realizing a significantly higher return on (marketing) investment by 1) applying customer knowledge on a strategic level and 2) personal communication. The information 4orange collects goes beyond just socio demographic characteristics. It includes information about consumers on life stage, their family composition and their personal interests. This information is primarily used to enrich relation's customer data, so that they can create a better picture of their own customers/relations and target prospects more effectively.

AIS Group

Data: Spain—Advanced Demographics

Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial, SA (AIS) is a strategic, financial and technological consultancy with operations at an international level. Its speciality is creating support systems for decision-making based on statistical modelling (forecasting) and mathematics (optimisation).

AIS business is structured around three main areas. Firstly, the integrated management of credit risk, ranging from bespoke ratings and measurements to the implementation of comprehensive risk models and complete Basel III projects, as well as the development of expert systems for recovery departments dealing with bad debt recovery.

Secondly, AIS is a specialist in marketing analytics, providing the most reliable and advanced models for our clients to achieve greater business impact. AIS works in fields like market research, targeting, customer intelligence, marketing analytics, propensity and abandonment models, characterisation of points of sale, etc. Almost all solutions aimed at marketing personnel have the Habits typology as a common basis, which was created by the company.

Finally, AIS works with planning, logistics and distribution departments to optimise production and demand forecast.

AIS has its headquarters in Barcelona as well as branches in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá and Lisbon, working in over 20 countries worldwide.

Applied Geographic Solutions

Data: United States—Crime data

Applied Geographic Solutions, Inc. (AGS) is a leading supplier of premium quality demographic and marketing databases. AGS brings a unique pioneering spirit to the delivery of superior quality demographic and industry-specific data - to help today's leading companies make the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective market decisions. AGS is committed to continuing to give companies the power to make smarter market decisions - by delivering an unmatched combination of superior data quality, proven methodologies, greater market coverage, rapid data access, exceptional support, and industry-leading value.

Data Axle

Data: United States and Canada—Business Locations

Data Axle (formerly known as Infogroup) is the leading provider of innovative business data, and marketing solutions that are proven to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Directory of Major Malls

Data: United States—Major Shopping Centers

The Directory of Major Malls | (DMM) is the leading source for comprehensive, accurate shopping center data. More than just malls, the DMM database covers the full spectrum of retail project types, offering you access to the most comprehensive data on enclosed malls, open-air community centers, power centers, value-retail / outlet centers (approx. 200,000 + sq ft), lifestyle/specialty/mixed-use of any size, and entertainment.

Environics Analytics

Data: Canada—Advanced Demographics

The premier marketing and analytical services company in Canada, Environics Analytics (EA) helps customers turn data and analytics into insight, strategy and results. EA offers the full range of analytical services-from data supplier to strategic consultancy-and provides over-the-counter reports, purpose-built software-as-a-service and a wide variety of modelling approaches. Its team of quantitative marketers, modellers and geographers are expert at helping organizations identify their business challenges, develop data-driven solutions and achieve success along every phase of their analytics journey.


Data: United States—Advanced Demographics

Led by chief demographer Kyle R. Cassal, Esri's data development team has a 35-year history of excellence in market intelligence. The team's economists, statisticians, demographers, geographers, and analysts produce independent small-area demographic and socioeconomic estimates and forecasts for the United States. The team develops exclusive demographic models and methodologies to create market-proven datasets, many of which are now industry benchmarks such as Tapestry Segmentation, Consumer Spending, Market Potential, and annual Updated Demographics. Esri Demographics powers the ArcGIS platform through dynamic web maps, data enrichment, reports, and infographics.

Esri France

Data: France—Advanced Demographics

Created in 1988, Esri France is the exclusive distributor and official representative of Esri (the world leader and precursor in GIS) in France as well as in ten French-speaking countries.

With the most advanced GIS solutions at its disposal, EsriFrance is able to assist organizations and companies in their efforts to optimize the use of spatial dimension in their organization.

Esri France teams are made up of acknowledged experts who place clients at the center of their work and concern.

Our 8 regional agencies and our training centers available to beginners as well as experienced users testify to it. Each year the Company organizes the Esri French Speaking Conference. The event gathers more than 2,800 Geomatics and Cartography professionals.

With a staff strength of 200, considering the number of clients and financial results Esri France ranks first among French GIS providers. We also rely on a network of specialized, close and qualified partners who contribute to this strong position.

Esri Japan

Data: Japan—Advanced Demographics

Esri Thailand

Data: Thailand—Advanced Demographics

Kalibrate (Market Planning Solutions Inc)

Data: United States—Traffic Counts

Kalibrate TrafficMetrix® is the single source for consistent and readily available global traffic count intelligence. It is the most complete commercially available traffic count database of annual daily traffic counts. From metropolitan six-lane freeways to the smallest two lane rural roads, we are continuously updating the accuracy of our traffic count intelligence.

MapData Services

Data: Australia—Advanced Demographics

MapData Services Pty Ltd specialises in customised mapping products, data, consulting services and hosted online applications. Established in 1998, MapData Services is one of Australasia's most well-known and respected authorities in digital mapping and location-based data.

For its clients, MapData Services opens the door to best of breed mapping technologies and the country's strongest datasets, which enables information to be translated into business insights and commercial opportunities. From one-off point solutions to comprehensive mapping and/or data integrations - our products and services can be customised to meet every conceivable need. MapData Services is known for being able to do more with maps and data than anyone thought possible - and that's why our clients choose us to translate their big ideas into realities.

Through a constant cycle of listening, consulting and custom-designing, MapData Services delivers clients with the right solution for their particular business requirements. Their consultants can work with businesses to provide a road map on how best to use location-based solutions to help grow their business.

Michael Bauer Research

Data: 135 countries—Standard Demographics

MB-Research (MBR) provides a global coverage of detailed and high-quality regional market data and boundaries for your national and international analysis.

The Michael Bauer Research GmbH, located in Nuremberg, Germany, has been operating since January 2004 and is specialized in internationally comparable regional market data and compatible boundaries worldwide on administrative levels, ZIP /postal areas and on micro-geographical levels. Standard products of MBR are the MB-Research Purchasing Power (disposable household income), Sociodemographic Data, Consumer Spending by Product groups, Retail Data and the MB-Research Consumer Styles.

Furthermore, MBR offers quantitative and qualitative market research studies (i.e., online surveys, CATI surveys, in-depth-interviews).

The products of MB-Research are used by leading national and international companies and in various sectors: retail chains, retail service companies, real estate companies, the automobile and banking industry, consumer goods, capital goods, manufacturers, service providers.


Data: United States—Market Potential

MRI-Simmons provides marketers with the most reliable and comprehensive view of the consumer and media marketplaces available. No other research enterprise in the country does more to get things right.

Besides supplying the ratings data for almost all national print campaigns in the country, MRI-Simmons' Survey of the American Consumer® produces the country's largest and most current database of consumer behavior, media usage and consumer motivations. The Survey is an encyclopedic repository of consumer insights.


Data: Germany—Advanced Demographics

As a market leader in geomarketing, one of Nexiga GmbH's primary goals is to describe markets and target groups throughout Germany, accurate to house level and true to reality. Nexiga has worked for well-known companies in many different industries for more than 30 years now and finds just the right solution for them to both general issues and specific questions.

True to their philosophy of »next level geomarketing«, Nexiga is one of the few providers in Germany to offer all the components required for successful geomarketing from one source, with the LOCAL® trademark packages providing data, software systems and individual analyses.


Data: United States Business Locations

SafeGraph is the source of truth for understanding physical places. SafeGraph is just a data company, that's all we do. Unlock innovation with the most accurate dataset of US commercial POIs and their visitors.