Michael Bauer Research GmbH

Esri partners with Michael Bauer Research GmbH (MB-Research) to provide global coverage of detailed regional market data and boundaries for national and international analysis.

Located in Nuremberg, Germany, Michael Bauer Research GmbH specializes in internationally comparable regional market data and compatible boundaries worldwide at administrative levels, ZIP Code or postal areas, and microgeographical levels.

As an Esri provider, Michael Bauer Research GmbH provides a baseline for regional data across the globe for population, household, purchasing power, and consumer expenditure data. Although not all data types are available from every country, MB-Research provides a high level of continuity between available datasets, allowing you to compare similar data at similar levels of detail around the world.

MB-Research data methodologies include quantitative and qualitative market research studies (for example, online surveys, CATI surveys, and in-depth interviews), along with verified census reports that adhere to globally acknowledged quality, privacy, and accuracy standards.


Varies by region.


Methodological Notes and Usage of MB-Research Market Data (PDF)—This document describes the methodology for regional standard sociodemographic data from Michael Bauer Research GmbH (MB-Research).

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