Data portfolio

Esri Demographics is a global collection of authoritative demographic data covering a comprehensive portfolio of data. Thousands of attributes describe geographic areas across the world at multiple levels of geography and are regularly updated with the latest available data.

Standard demographics: Esri sources global demographic data from Michael Bauer Research GmbH covering topics such as Age, Education, Employment, Gender, Households, Housing, Marital Status, Population, Purchasing Power, Spending. Available for over 150 countries and regions.

Advanced demographics: Esri sources regional demographic data from regional data providers to provide additional data topics including Age, Attitudes and Behaviors, Businesses, Crime, Education, Employment, Families, Gender, Households, Housing, Income, Lifestyle Segmentation, Marital Status, Population, Purchasing Power, Race and Ethnicity, Spending, Wealth. Available for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, United States, and Puerto Rico.