Use the Multispectral template

The Multispectral template calibrates multispectral data for use in multispectral indexes.


Multispectral processing in ArcGIS Drone2Map is only intended for 2D products.

Create a project

To create your multispectral project, complete the following steps:

  1. Start ArcGIS Drone2Map.
  2. Sign in using your ArcGIS Online organization credentials.
  3. Provide a name for your project and choose a location to save it, or accept the default.
  4. Click Add Images or Add Folder and browse to the location of the sample images folder, select the folder or images in the folder, and click OK.

    Multispectral cameras employ the use of ground-based calibration panels. The panels are used to determine the reflectance factor for the given flight. The calibration panel images do not need to be imported with the flight images but are used in a later step.

  5. Once the images are loaded, the camera is identified as a multispectral sensor and the template will change to the Multispectral template. Click Create to create the project.
  6. On the Flight Data tab, click the Radiometric Calibration button Radiometric calibration to open the Radiometric Calibration window.
  7. Not all multispectral cameras support radiometric calibration in ArcGIS Drone2Map, see multispectral camera support for supported cameras.
  8. Select the desired Quantity Type and, if necessary, calculate the Reflectance Factor for each band. Click OK.
  9. Go back to the Home tab, click Options and review the checked options. By default, on the 2D Products tab, confirm that only the orthomosaic product is checked. Click OK to close the window.
  10. Click Start to process.

View the results

When the processing is complete, the radiometrically calibrated orthomosaic is added to the 2D map and the Contents pane.

View the image by panning and zooming around the map and checking and unchecking your 2D products to display the orthomosaic layer. The orthomosaic can be used in further analysis to derive various soil and vegetation indices.