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What's new in Drone2Map 2.1

Some of the highlights of the new Drone2Map are described below.

New Control Manager

GCP management has been completely redesigned with the addition of the Control Manager pane. The Control Manager streamlines control point attribution and provides quick access to common GCP tools, such as the Image Links Editor and Import Control tools.

Selecting control points from the Control Manger automatically selects the ground control in the Image links editor and highlights the ground control on the map, so you can locate and link ground control points.

Control Manager
The new Control Manager pane provides quick access to GCPs and Control tools.

Assisted image links

Adding image links to control points is now faster using assisted image links. Assisted image links are available through the Image Links Editor after initial processing.

Mark an initial image link, and Drone2Map 2.1 will estimate the location of all remaining image links. Once estimated, you can fine-tune the image link location or select Auto Link to validate all of the estimated image link locations.

Assisted image links
Find and link images faster with assisted image links.

Manual tie points

You can now create manual tie points that can be used to assess and improve the reconstruction accuracy of complex geometries, such as stitching together imagery that was captured over water.

Manual tie point
Improve reconstruction of complex geometries with manual tie points.

Additional analytical tools

A profiles gallery has been added, allowing for the creation of elevation and spectral profiles to help you visualize patterns in your Drone2Map products and export your results to include in reports.

Profiles tools
New profiles tools help you find patterns in your data and share the results.

Colorized indices

Skip setting symbology and start finding patterns in your data faster with default colorized indices.

Colorized indices
Get quicker results with default colorized indices.

Inspection template

The Inspection template has been added for projects that are focused on inspecting and annotating raw drone imagery.

Inspection template
Annotate drone imagery and share results with the Inspection template.

Use and share your own elevation layers

With Drone2Map 2.1, you can now share your Digital Elevation Models as Elevation Layers and use your existing Elevation Layers as the elevation source when creating control points from the map.

Share elevation layers
Use and share custom elevation sources.

Camera model editor

Increase processing speed and accuracy by importing or modifying existing camera models with your own camera calibration parameters.

Camera model editor
Increase processing speed and accuracy with your own camera calibration parameters.