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Release notes for Drone2Map 2.1

Learn about the bugs fixed at this release of Drone2Map.

Issues addressed

The list of issues addressed describes bugs that were reported to Esri Technical Support and are fixed in Drone2Map 2.1.

Issues addressed at Drone2Map 2.1.0

Drone2Map 2.1.0 fixes the following issues:



Unable to add Height Below Ellipsoid for local vertical references.


Ability to enter GCP horizontal and vertical accuracy values after loading the GCPs in Drone2Map.


Provide the functionality of rolling shutter optimization in Drone2Map 2.0.


Ground Control Points gets snapped when adding control point using the Image link editor in Drone2Map.


Digital elevation model (DEM) products are not added to the table of contents (TOC) with the Japanese language pack.


DataInterop.dll causes Drone2Map to crash.


PDF report not created with certain language packs.


Drone2Map projects created in earlier versions of the software are not able to use Measure tools in 2D maps.


Drone2Map crashes when any value containing a double number (separated with a dot or comma) is inputted in processing option 2D user-defined pixel.


When a project folder path contains Japanese characters, any resulting SLPK Mesh output products are corrupted.

ArcGIS acknowledgements

The acknowledgements for ArcGIS can be found on Esri's legal website or in the files installed with Drone2Map at <install location>\ArcGIS\Drone2Map\Resources\SupportDocs.