Work with LAS dataset statistics

The ability to produce statistical information for individual LAS files and LAS files referenced by the LAS dataset is essential to understanding the lidar and point cloud data you are working with in Drone2Map. Statistical analysis allows you to conduct initial quality assurance and quality control on lidar data to ensure that the data deliverables are as expected. It also allows you to determine the overall quality and extent of the data before conducting time-consuming processes on the lidar data.

When statistics are calculated, a LAS auxiliary file (.lasx) is created for each LAS file. The auxiliary file (.lasx) is given the same name as the source LAS file and stored in the same location on disk. It stores the calculated statistical information and the spatial index for each LAS file. In Drone2Map, statistics can be calculated in the Catalog pane. Statistics can be computed for an entire LAS dataset containing several LAS files, or they can be computed for a single file.

Drone2Map allows you to calculate or update statistical information for a LAS file or LAS dataset on the LAS File Properties and LAS Dataset Properties dialog boxes from the Catalog pane. The respective dialog boxes report information about a LAS file or a LAS dataset as a whole and include details about the specific LAS files that participate in the dataset.

The statistical results can be reviewed immediately for the LAS file or LAS dataset through the Statistics tab of the LAS File Properties or LAS Dataset Properties dialog box. For individual LAS files in a LAS dataset, the statistics can be reviewed by clicking the Details button for that LAS file located on the LAS Files tab. To calculate statistics for an LAS file or LAS dataset, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Catalog pane, right-click the LAS file or LAS dataset button and click Properties.
  2. On the LAS File Properties or LAS Dataset Properties dialog box, click the Statistics tab.
  3. If the LAS file or LAS dataset has not had statistics calculated, click the Calculate button to calculate statistics. If statistics have already been calculated, click the Update button to update statistics. This button is unavailable if statistics are up to date.

To calculate statistics for an individual LAS file in a LAS dataset, from the list of LAS files in the LAS Files tab, click the button under the Details column that corresponds to the LAS file and click Calculate.