Share imagery layer

ArcGIS Drone2Map allows you to upload your 2D products to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal and publish as a hosted imagery layer. Hosted imagery layers are dynamic image services that run on ArcGIS Image Server sites federated with the portal.

To publish a hosted imagery layer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be signed in to the portal and have privileges to publish hosted tile layers.
  • Your portal must be version 10.5 or later and configured for raster analysis.

Share your items

You have the following options for sharing your items, depending on your sharing privileges:

  • Everyone—Sharing with everyone makes your item public; anybody who has access to the portal website can find and use it, and group owners can include it in their group content.
  • Your portal—To ensure only members of your portal have access to an item, you can share it with just your portal.
  • Groups to which you belong—If you are a member of a group, you can share your item with that group. Sharing with specific groups restricts access to a smaller, more focused set of people.
  • Everyone and a group—If you want to share thematic content with a subset of users or organize your content into a collection of items, but you also want everyone to have access to your item, you can share an item with a group and with everyone. This is especially appropriate for focused group work in which all members benefit from seeing a list of specific content they can use for collaboration and exchange.
  • Groups and your portal or everyone—You can share an item with a larger audience (everyone or your portal) and also share it with a specific group. This allows you to categorize your item as especially relevant to a particular group while still making it available to others in your organization.

Publish your imagery layer

To publish your orthomosaic, DSM, or DTM as a dynamic image service, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Share tab, in the Share As group, click Imagery Layer Imagery Layer.
  2. Check the layers you want to publish as an image service.
  3. Give your layers a Title.
  4. Optionally choose a Folder to share your features, provide a Description, and update the Tags.
  5. Check the appropriate groups for sharing your items.
  6. Click Share.