Share feature layers

When images are added to a project, Drone2Map loads the geolocation information from information embedded in the images or from an external file and creates an Images layer and Flight Lines layer. The Feature Layer tool allows you to share these layers to your sharing portal without having to run any processing on the images. If you choose to process your images before sharing, additional layers are enabled for sharing as feature layers.

Share your items

You have the following options for sharing your items, depending on your sharing privileges:

  • Your organization—Sharing with your organization means only members of your organization have access to your item.
  • Groups to which you belong—If you are a member of a group, you can share your item with that group. Sharing with specific groups restricts access to a smaller, more focused set of people.
  • Everyone—Sharing with everyone makes your item public; anybody who has access to the portal website or ArcGIS Online, including anonymous users, can find and use your item, and group owners can include it in their group content.
  • Everyone, your organization, and groups to which you belong—You can share your item with a larger audience (for example, everyone and your organization) and also share it with a specific group. This allows you to categorize your item as especially relevant to a particular group while still making it available to others in your organization.

Publish your features

To publish your features as feature layers, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Share tab, in the Share As group, click Feature Layer Feature Layer.
  2. Check the layers you want to share. This can include the following:
    • Flight data
    • Map Notes
    • Measurements
    • Contours
  3. Click the Show Sharing Properties button Show Sharing Properties to set the following properties:
    • Flight Data Properties—Choose to attach annotated images to flight points.
    • Map Notes Properties—Increase or decrease the map notes max record count.
    • Measurements Properties—Increase or decrease the measurements max record count.
  4. Click the Show Sharing Details button Show Sharing Details to go back and give your feature layers a Title.
  5. Optionally choose a Folder to share your features, provide a Description, and update the Tags.
  6. Check the appropriate groups for sharing your items.
  7. Click Share.
  8. A feature layer is created in your sharing portal. Layers are shared as feature layers and do not retain symbology.