Process single projects

Once you understand how to create a project and add your drone images to your project, you can start processing your images. Processing takes the still images from your drone, computes individual key points in each of the images, then uses these keypoints to find matches between your images. From these matches, the software runs an aerial triangulation and bundle block adjustment to start the process of generating your GIS-ready 2D and 3D products.

To begin processing, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Start button on the Home tab.

    Once processing begins, the Start button changes to a Stop button, and you can follow progress in the processing log. You will know processing is complete when the following occurs:

    • The processing log shows a finished message.
    • The progress bar reads 100%.
    • Your layers are added to the appropriate sections in the Contents pane.

  2. To stop processing before completion, click the Stop button on the Home tab. A message appears, asking you to confirm you want to stop processing. Click Yes or No.

Processing log

Drone2Map records events that occur, and any errors associated with those events to the processing log. The processing log is specific to events relevant to the processing engine that occur during processing and differs from the D2M.log file you can access from the Drone2Map system folder. The processing log is important for monitoring and troubleshooting problems with Drone2Map processing. Information in the logs helps you identify errors and provide context on how to address problems. The logs also comprise a history of events that occur over time.

To access the processing log within Drone2Map, click the Log button Log on the Home tab. The processing log pane appears and displays a live messaging feed. Use the scroll controls to view newer events.

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