After you've created a map, you can send your map to a printer or save it to a file.

  1. Make sure a map is your active view.
  2. On the Share tab, in the Print group, click Map Print Map.

    The Print Layout pane appears.

  3. Choose a printer from the Printer Name drop-down list.
  4. Set any additional properties for the print job, such as page orientation and number of copies.
  5. Click Print.

Printing options

A variety of printing options can be set in the Print Layout pane. The options are common to most printers. If you need to access additional printer properties specific to your printer, click the Properties button under the printer name.

The following properties can be set in the pane:

Printer Name

The printer where the job will be sent.

Print to file

Create a printer file (.prn) instead of printing immediately. Use the Browse button Browse to set where the file will be created.


The paper size on which the map will be printed.


The paper source for the printer, such as Tray 1 or Tray 2.


The page orientation for printing. If printing a layout, this can be different than the layout page orientation. Choose between Portrait or Landscape.

Number of Copies

The number of times the map is printed.

Print in black and white

Print the map in black and white. Uncheck this option to print in color, if the printer supports color printing.

Output Quality

The amount of raster resampling, which determines the raster resolution (dpi). Raster resolution is a ratio of your printer resolution. If the ratio is set to 1:3, the raster data will be printed at one-third the dpi set for your printer. You can change the ratio to increase the quality of your raster data or decrease the quality and print faster. If your map does not contain raster data, this setting is not applicable.

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