Open in ArcGIS Pro

Drone2Map is a powerful tool for generating GIS-ready products from drone images. Users can then leverage these products throughout the ArcGIS platform. The Open in ArcGIS Pro tool provides the ability to easily open your 2D and 3D products directly in ArcGIS Pro.


To open a Drone2Map project in ArcGIS Pro, you must have ArcGIS Pro 2.4 or later. However, you can copy and paste layers from Drone2Map to ArcGIS Pro, including to earlier versions than 2.4.

Open a Drone2Map project in ArcGIS Pro

To open a Drone2Map project in ArcGIS Pro, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the project in Drone2Map.
  2. On the Analysis tab, in the Tools group, click the Open in ArcGIS Pro button Open in ArcGIS Pro.
  3. Click Yes to open your project in ArcGIS Pro or No to cancel.
  4. Drone2Map creates an ArcGIS Pro project file (.aprx) in the root of the Drone2Map project directory and launches ArcGIS Pro with all of your layers in the corresponding 2D and 3D maps.