Open an existing project

Drone2Map allows you to create projects or open an existing project. Drone2Map projects are stored as .d2mx files. When you process a Drone2Map project, a .d2mx file is created in the project folder in your project's directory. You can open the project directly from the project folder or in Drone2Map.

In File Explorer

To open a project using File Explorer, complete the following steps:

  1. Open a File Explorer window.
  2. Browse to the project folder.
  3. The .d2mx file is stored at the top level of the project folder.
  4. Double-click the .d2mx file to open the file in Drone2Map.

    If Drone2Map is already open, it loads the project in a new window. If Drone2Map is closed, it opens and loads the project.

In Drone2Map

To open an existing project in Drone2Map, complete the following steps:

  1. Start Drone2Map.

    The Open Recent Project pane appears on the right side.


    If you already have a different project open in Drone2Map, on the ribbon, click the Project tab. From the list at left, click Open.

  2. Click the project you want to open from the list of recently opened projects.
  3. If the project you want to open doesn’t appear in the recent projects list, click Open Another Project, browse to your project's folder, highlight the appropriate project file (.d2mx or .d2m), and click OK.