Define missing spatial reference

All geographic datasets have a coordinate system that is used throughout Drone2Map to display, measure, and transform geographic data. If the spatial reference for a dataset is unknown, you can specify the correct spatial reference using the Properties window from the Catalog pane.

To specify the correct coordinate system, complete the following steps:

  1. Add a new folder connection in the Catalog pane that has the dataset for which you want to specify the spatial reference.

    To add a folder connection, in the Catalog pane, right-click Folders Folders and click Add Folder Connection Add Folder Connection. Browse to the desired folder and click OK.

  2. Right-click the dataset.
  3. Click Properties Properties.
  4. Click the spatial reference button Coordinate System.
  5. Choose the appropriate spatial reference.
  6. Alternatively, use the Define Projection tool in ArcGIS Pro for more options.