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Web Maps and Layers

Web Maps and Layers provides access to the web maps and feature service layers in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, and ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.


This video was created using Business Analyst web app, where the user experience and workflows are identical to Community Analyst.

To open the workflow, navigate to Maps > Add Data > Web Maps and Layers.

Web Maps and Layers

The Web Maps and Layers dialog opens.

My Content

The My Content tab is open by default, which shows all web maps and feature services created by you.

When you move the pointer over a thumbnail, a popup menu with more information about that web map or feature service is displayed:

  • The web map containing variables icon indicates that this web map contains variable that you can use to create maps using the Color-coded maps and Smart maps search workflows.
  • The web map layer icon indicates that this web map contains layers that you can convert into sites.
  • Click Add to add this web map or feature service data to your current project. The content is sorted by Title. You can use the Sort by: dropdown to choose a different sorting method.

Click list view selected to switch to a list view. Click grid view selected to return to the default grid view.

Click refresh content to refresh the content.

Browse by source

You can click on the tabs, at the top, to view the web maps and feature services from different sources.

  • My Content: content created by you.
  • My Groups: content created by other users of groups that you belong to, and shared with you.
  • My Organization: content created and shared by other users in your Organization.
  • Living Atlas: content from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.
  • ArcGIS: content publicly shared on ArcGIS Online.


To search the content in the currently selected tab, enter a search term and click enter a search term or press the Enter key. You can also enter the URL or item ID of an ArcGIS web map or layer you want to add. Note that a URL must be entered in the specified format: https://host/instance/rest/services/serviceName/FeatureServer. Click clear search termto clear the search term.

Search My Content


By default, all the content for the selected tab is displayed. You can apply one or more filters to further refine the displayed content.

  • Select the Filter by map extent checkbox to filter by your current map extent – that is, only those web maps and feature services with a map extent that partially or fully overlaps with your current map extent.
  • Folders: Only available on the My Content tab. Click on any individual folder to view only its content. For more information about Community Analyst specific folders, see here.
  • Item Type: Click on Web Maps or Feature Layers to view only those items.
    Filtering by Item Type
  • Last Modified Date: Select one the available filters, or specify a custom date range.
    Filtering by date modified
  • Sharing Status: Filter by the sharing status of the item. For instance, selecting Organization only displays the items shared with all users in the Organization and Not Shared displays only those items not shared with any other user.
    Filtering by Sharing Status
  • Ratings: Filter the content displayed to items that received a specific rating, or have not been rated. Learn more about ratings.
    Filtering by Ratings
  • Tags: Filter items that have been tagged by specific terms. Enter a single tag, or multiple tags, separated by commas.
    Filtering by Tags
Like the Folders filter described above, there are some additional filters available only for specific tabs:
  • My Groups: Only available on the My Groups tab. Click on any of your groups to view only its content.
    Filtering by My Groups
  • Categories: Only available for the Living Atlas tab. Click on any of the listed categories to only view the items in that category.
    Filtering by Categories

All the applied filters will be listed at the top of the grid or list view of the content.

Filtered web map and layer

To remove an applied filter, click the clear layers next to it, or select the Show All option for that filter. Click Clear all to remove all applied filters.

Choose your Organization

You have the option to add another organization under Preferences > General > Web Maps and Layers. If you do so, you can then choose your source organization in the Web Maps and Layers dialog.

Layers in My Organization

View added web maps

You can view the web maps and layers you have added to the current project in the Web Maps and Layers section on the Project panel. Click the filter icon Filter categories and Web Maps and Layers to refine the view to show Web Maps and Layers only.

Project list of categories