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Sneak peek

Collector strives to be your premier mobile data collection app, facilitating efficient, accurate data collection into ArcGIS. At the end of 2018, Collector on iPad and iPhone was modernized and support was added for a number of improvements to ArcGIS organizations (such as vector basemaps, labels, and Arcade expressions). In 2019, the modern Collector app reached parity with the original app (renamed Collector Classic). Moving forward, the focus is bringing the changes to additional platforms and bringing new capabilities to the app.

Additional platforms

The new Collector app is available on iPad and iPhone devices. It is coming to additional platforms. There is an Android beta version available now for Android phones and tablets.

Planned enhancements

The following capabilities are coming to Collector:

  • Smarter forms

    The forms you can create are improving throughout ArcGIS. You'll be able to set conditional visibility on entries and group entries into logical sections. Improvements are also coming to required entries.

  • Web experience for authoring and deploying maps
  • Vertical transformations and orthometric heights


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