Update your map

Over the course of data collection, you might need to update the map or layers based on new requirements or additional information you'd like to capture. If your mobile workers work connected (and don't download map areas), you can update as needed and they'll see the changes when they reload the map. If, however, your mobile workers work offline, you need to understand the impact of your changes on mobile workers with downloaded map areas.

If you created map areas, you need to re-create them once your changes are made. For mobile workers to see the updates, they need to remove map areas they've downloaded on their device (both those you defined for them, and those they defined and downloaded in the app) and download them again. Syncing the map won't get these changes onto their devices.


When they sync the map, mobile workers get new and updated assets and observations to their devices, but not changes made to the map or layer.

The following are some types of changes that require you to re-create map areas and mobile workers to download them again. Unless specified otherwise for a particular change, making these changes doesn't affect the ability of mobile workers to sync their changes before removing map areas and downloading them again.

  • Symbology changes—Provide a better symbol to your mobile workers. Maybe there is a new standard symbol that they expect to see.
  • Add or remove layers—There might be a new reference or editable layer your mobile workers need access to, or a layer that is no longer needed.
  • New search capabilities—Search another layer, update hint text, or change how an existing search on your data is done.
  • Form updates—There are two kinds of updates you can make to the form: changes to the form configuration and changes to the schema of your data (which defines the entries you can configure in your form).

    Form configuration is done within the map. You can update the read-only or editable form. Perhaps you provide a new default value or enable editing on an entry.

    Schema changes are done in your layer. Perhaps there is a new entry you'd like in the form (a new field in your data), or a new value you'd like included in a list of choices presented to the mobile worker (an update to a coded value domain). If using ArcGIS Pro, you need to republish your layer after making your changes.

  • Disable sync on a layer—Perhaps it should no longer be used offline, or perhaps you need to update existing assets or observations through the layer's details page and need it temporarily disabled.

    Before you disable sync, make sure all mobile workers with the layer downloaded have synced their edits and removed all downloaded maps containing the layer from their devices. If you disable sync while mobile workers have the layer downloaded, they won't be able to sync their edits (even if you reenable sync for the layer).

    Once you have disabled sync, open and save each map that contains the layer to ensure the maps reflect the sync settings of the layers they contain. Then mobile workers can download the map again and see the updates.