Status windows

CityEngine includes additional windows to provide information about a scene, such as progress status of operations, log records, and errors.


The Log window shows the log records of CityEngine. You can open the Log by selecting Window > Log from the main menu. Log records are created by various parts of CityEngine and range from informational messages to severe internal error conditions (such as out of memory). The properties and values of each log record are shown in this view. The Log view is especially useful in tracking down strange or erroneous behavior.

Log window
Log window

The meaning of the severity color is as follows:

  • None: Information
  • Yellow: Warning
  • Red: Error


You can open the Console window by selecting Window > Console from the main menu. The console window contains various consoles used when working with CityEngine. The top toolbar button switches between consoles (if available).

Console window
Console window

CGA console

If a CGA command produces textual output (such as the CGA print command), this output will be shown in the CGA console. This console is available once a CGA print output is produced.

Python output console

The Python output console is the default output console for Python statements that use a print() command. This console is available once a Python print output is produced.

Python command console

The Python command console to enter Python commands. This console needs to be opened in the top toolbar of the console window.


The Problems window displays errors during CGA shape grammar editing. Errors and warnings are passed up from the CGA compiler. The Problems view lists the error, file name, and folder. If you select an error, the associated file will open in the CGA Editor and the pointer will display the line where the error was encountered. You can open the CGA Problems view by selecting Window > Problems from the main menu.

Problems window
Problems window

In the views settings of the Problems view (triangle in top toolbar), change the grouping to Type to have problems sorted by Model Errors and Rule Errors.


The Progress window shows the progress status of long-running CityEngine operations. You can monitor the progress in the progress view as well as cancel an operation by clicking the red Stop button on the right side of the operation. You can open the progress view by selecting Window > Progress from the main menu.

Progress window
Progress window

You can cancel all pending model generation by pressing the Esc key or choosing Cancel from the main toolbar.