• version versionString


  1. versionString—string
    CGA version for which this rule file is written. The CGA version always corresponds to the CityEngine version, e.g. City Engine 2023.0 has CGA version "2023.0".


The version keyword is used to define the CGA version for which the rules are written. This permits detection of potential incompatibilities; warnings about potential incompatibilities are written to the log.

Such incompabilities come in two sorts: new features and changes to existing features. While the former are relatively unproblematic, the latter are generally not desired and only occur when an obvious bug or other shortcoming needs to be corrected. See CGA Changelog for an overview of the changes between CGA versions.

The version statement has to be the first code line of a cga file. If there is no version statement, the version defaults to "2009.1".