Use imported points or polygons

You can create sites from existing points or polygons that were added to the project by using the Business and Facilities Search, Web Maps and Layers, or Import File workflows.

In this example, you will add a web map that contains a point layer, select five of the points, and specify a one-mile ring around them.

  1. Click Apply to create sites from each of the points.
    Click Apply.

    The Save Created Sites dialog box appears. Here, you can specify where the newly created sites will be saved.

  2. Select Create a new layer and click Save.
    Create a new layer option

    A new point layer, realtor Sites, is created in the project.

  3. Two options are available to you. The Choose a layer for the new sites option allows you to choose an existing point layer in your project. This option is not selected by default because there is no existing layer that has the same site attributes as the newly created sites. If you select this option, a warning will be displayed that the site attributes will not be retained.
    Caution prompt
  4. Open the action menu for one of the new sites. Click Show details.
    Show details in menu

    The new layer's details are displayed. Under Attributes, you can see the saved site attributes.

    New layer's details

  5. Select three more points from the web map layer and specify a one-mile ring around them. Click Apply.

    Since a point locations layer exists with the same site attributes as the three newly created sites (namely, realtor Sites, created in the previous steps), the default option this time is to save these sites to the existing layer, realtor Sites.

    Choose from an existing layer.

    If you do not want to see the Save Create Sites dialog box, check the Don't show this dialog again check box. The default location will then be used to save sites created from existing points or polygons. You can control this setting under Preferences > General > Projects.