Guided Tours

To learn how to use the application, you can complete guided tours, and review related material. If you are a brand-new user signing into the application for the first time, you will be prompted to create a project by completing the Create a project tour. Thereafter, open a previously created project, go to the Maps tab, expand the account details drop-down menu in the top right and click Guided tours.

Guided tours

The Guided Tours dialog opens. All the available tours are listed on the left and related material on the right. These are organized in four levels, from introductory to advanced. You earn points when you complete a tour or review related material. When you complete all tours in a level, you earn additional points and a badge, and proceed to the next level. Completed tours have a checkmark next to them. The experience points (XP) and badge earned so far are displayed in the top right.


Some tours may not be available in certain situations. See Settings and limitations below to learn more.

Move the pointer over a tour to view a ToolTip with a brief description. To launch a tour, click GO next to it.

Click to launch new tour.
You will be taken to the first step of the tour. The status bar at the top shows the name of the tour, and your progress so far. In the example below, the status bar indicates that you are on Step 1 out of 12. If at any point you no longer want to complete the tour, click Stop tour to exit.
Step 1 of 12
For many of the steps, there is a tip with additional information. Click Tip to view.
Tip expanded

If you want the tips to always be visible without having to click on them, turn on the Always show tips check box under Preferences > Guided Tours.

After you perform the action needed, you will proceed to the next step. In the above example, when you enter an address in the search bar, the next step in the tour will be displayed. The action needed for each of the steps may vary.

For example:

  • In some steps, you have the option to return to the previous step by clicking Back.
  • Some steps require that you click in a specific place.
    Click Create site

    You can move the pointer over the instruction call-out and click and drag to move it. In the above example, you can do so if you want to see part of the site menu dialog that is hidden by the Click on Create site call-out.

    Click on Create site

  • Some steps only provide more information about the workflow. When done reading, you will click Next to proceed to the next step.
    Click Next to proceed with tour.


You must perform the action specified in each step of the guided tour. If you perform an action other than the step required, the subsequent steps of the guided tour may not work as expected and you will need to stop the tour and start it again from the beginning.

When you complete a tour, your updated progress in the current level will be displayed, along with other material related to the completed tour.

Tour complete!


The tours and related materials are organized in four levels. The first level will help you get started with the application and as you complete the levels in order, they will cover progressively more advanced workflows. The highest level completed so far is indicated by the badge icon on the account details drop-down menu, and in the top right on the Guided Tours dialog.

Level completed badge
You earn 10 points when you complete a tour and 5 points when you review a related material. When you complete all the tours in a level, you earn an additional 15 points and a badge, and can proceed to the next level.

Only the tours in the current and preceding levels are shown as available, but you have the option to complete a tour in a level higher than your current level—move the pointer over the lock icon, click Unlock and then click GO.

Click to unlock

Settings and limitations

If you want the tips in the tour steps to be visible by default without having to click on them, open Preferences > Guided Tours, select the Always show tips check box and click Save.

To reset your progress and start again from the beginning, click Reset All Tours and click Yes in the confirmation dialog.


The Reset All Tours option will reset all guided tours and mark them as not complete. You will also lose all points and badges earned so far. This action cannot be undone.

Reset all tours

Some tours may not be available in certain situations. The following limitations apply:

  1. If an administrator in your organization has disabled a workflow for your role, any guided tours associated with it will not be available to you. For example, if the Color Coded Maps workflow is disabled, the Create a color coded map from data tour will not be available.
  2. Every tour can be run for USA, but there are some limitations for other countries. For example:
    • The following tours are available for USA only: Find areas that meet specific criteria, Add a web map layer from ArcGIS Living Atlas and Setup custom data to use in reports and analysis.
    • The following tours are available for USA and Canada only: Search for businesses and facilities and Analyze the void for selected business.
    • To complete the Run an infographic for an area and Run an infographic for a city or region tours in other countries, an infographic template must already be available for that country. If no infographic template is available, you will be guided to first create a new template by completing the Create an infographic template tour.