Credits are the currency used across ArcGIS and are used for specific transactions and types of storage such as storing features, performing analytics, and using premium content. Any ArcGIS software including Business Analyst that interacts with ArcGIS Online can use credits. In Business Analyst Web App, credits are used for specific actions such as running PDF and Excel reports, exporting infographics in PDF or Dynamic HTML format, exporting analysis results, and more. Some actions do not use credits—for example, using Esri standard basemaps and imagery do not use credits. In other cases, credit-using activities carry a relatively low cost—for example, only 10 credits per 1000 views to run infographics within Business Analyst Web App.

Credits by workflow

Most of what you do in Business Analyst Web App leverages ArcGIS services— for example, geocoding an address, creating drive times. Those transactions use credits as specified here. The table below helps estimate how many credits will be used for specific workflows and tools within Business Analyst Web App.

WorkflowDetailsCredits used

Business and Facilities Search

Export to Excel, save as layer, or share as web map.

10 credits per 1,000 records.

Import File

Match addresses to locations on the map (geocoding), when importing Excel or .csv files.

40 credits per 1,000 geocodes.

Create drive times or walk times

In Find Location, Import File, Web Maps and Layers, Setup Layer

0.5 credits per drive time or walk time. For example, to create 5,10 minute drive times around 10 points, it is (0.5*2)*10 = 10 credits.

Comparison Reports

Export to Excel.

10 credits per 1,000 attributes (data variables multiplied by total feature records—that is, 10 variables * 10 sites * 3 study areas = 300 attributes).

Suitability Analysis

Export to Excel or save as layer.

10 credits per 1,000 attributes (data variables multiplied by total feature records—that is, 10 variables * 10 sites * 3 study areas = 300 attributes).

Point layer options - Walk time and drive time calculation for the distance to the nearest point.

0.5 credits per 1,000 input origin and destination pairs.

Void Analysis

Export to PDF.

10 credits.

Except when using a custom layer: Export to Excel, or Export to PDF with the Include individual business locations check box enabled.

10 credits per 1,000 records.

Color-Coded Maps and Smart Map Search

Pan, zoom, and identify.

10 credits per 1,000 map requests (pan, zoom, and identify).

 Credits are used for map requests only when a Color Coded Map or Smart Map is present on the map.

Run Infographics

View infographics.

10 credits per 1,000 views.

Selecting a different site in the infographic, or adding sites/geographies to compare, are counted as additional views.

Infographics exports

Export infographics in PDF or HTML format.

10 credits per export (PDF and HTML).

Credits are not used for views of an exported infographic.

Run Reports

Run PDF or Excel reports.

10 credits per report

Create PDF or Image

Generate a PDF.

10 credits for each PDF created

ArcGIS Dashboards

Create dashboard

10 credits per dashboard + 0.01 credit per site. For example - for a dashboard with 5 sites, that is 10 + (0.01*5) = 10.05 credits.

No additional credits are used for views of a dashboard and the infographics in it.

Story Map

Create story map

For a story map that doesn’t include any infographics, no credits are used. For a story map that includes at least one infographic, 10 credits + 0.01 per infographic. For example, if 2 sites are selected, with 3 infographics configured for the first site and 4 for the second, the number of credits used for that story map is 10 + (0.01*3) + (0.01*4) = 10.07.

No additional credits are used for views of a story map and any infographics in it.

Manage credits

To see how many credits you have used or have left, you must be an administrator of your organization, and follow these steps:

  • Click Organization.
  • Click View Status under the Subscription Status section.
  • You can view information about your account including the number of credits remaining.
  • You can view statistics for how many credits you have used by service type.

Buy additional credits

You can add additional credits to your subscription at any time. Additional credits can be purchased from the Esri Store.