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What is Business Analyst Server?

Available with Business Analyst license.

Business Analyst Server is an enterprise-level solution for sharing and collaboration of geographic business analysis. Business Analyst Server comes bundled with a set of business-related databases that contain information about business locations, competitors, and customer data to generate and deliver powerful spatial analyses. The products you create or modify can be integrated into your enterprise applications while complying with industry standards, using competitive performance characteristics, and performing powerful spatial analyses on your data. Business Analyst Server is able to be integrated with Portal for ArcGIS to enable sharing of analysis across your entire organization.

Business Analyst Server includes the following:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • REST services
  • Code gallery items with workflow templates for site evaluation and selection, market planning, and customer analysis applications
  • A complete library of data

Spatially enabled business analysis

Business Analyst Server provides analytic geointelligence tools that can be used in a number of business-centric situations. Some examples include helping to evaluate spatial characteristics, customer data, and other traditional data including demographics. When integrated, these data sources provide new insight into conditions and behavior patterns that enable the design of business strategies and improvement of business processes. To help you understand the markets, customers, and competition, you can use data for store and competitor locations, demographic data, wealth, and other business characteristics.

Cutting-edge geoanalytic server technology

Business Analyst Server extends the capabilities of the ArcGIS core server product with tools and datasets to enable you to publish and share business data, maps, analyses, models, reports, and more. It provides seamless communication with effective use of other Esri products including ArcGIS Desktop, enterprise, workgroup, or desktop geodatabase, ArcGIS Network Analyst extension, Business Analyst Desktop, Portal for ArcGIS, and others.