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What's new in Business Analyst Enterprise 10.7.1

Available with Business Analyst license.

The latest release includes the following enhancements:

Business Analyst Enterprise

The 10.7.1 release brings a major update to ArcGIS Business Analyst services and content. The solution has been renamed Business Analyst Enterprise and includes a new GeoEnrichment server for performing data enrichment, creating reports and infographics and running other business analysis.

GeoEnrichment Server

Business Analyst Enterprise at 10.7.1 includes the next generation of server software called GeoEnrichment Server. The benefits of this new server software include an easier installation process, significant performance enhancements and a centralized demographic database for mapping and data enrichment. Also supported for the first time are options for international data regions in addition to content provided for the USA.

GeoEnrichment Server provides data enrichment and reporting capabilities for ArcGIS Online. At the 10.7.1 release, this same server is installed on-premises with Business Analyst Enterprise.

International data options

In addition to the content provided for the United States, international data options for Business Analyst Enterprise are now available through additional licensing options with global coverage of 137 countries or areas. The source of the international demographic data is Michael Bauer Research (MBR). View the list here.

Improved performance

Business Analyst Enterprise offers much faster response times and enhanced ability to process large requests. Internal benchmarking found that these improvements deliver a reduction in response time from ~80% (when enriching 100 features simultaneously) to as much as ~99% when enriching a single feature.

Client applications that use GeoEnrichment will generally process and respond quicker. These include: the Business Analyst web app, ArcGIS Maps for Office, as well as analysis tools such as Enrich Layer in ArcGIS Pro or Map Viewer. Processing intensive jobs such as bulk data enrichment will complete more reliably - outputting faster run times with more stable memory management.

Demographic feature services

Business Analyst Enterprise 10.7.1 provides feature layers that provide essential information about areas of interest at several levels of geography. You can visually explore demographic information, consumer spending patterns and other market conditions in the color-coded maps workflow in the Business Analyst web app.

These feature layers are published automatically during the data installation to simplify the setup process. With previous versions of Business Analyst Server, the demographic map services were published manually and required a separate copy of data greatly increasing storage needs. The new feature layers are now sourced to the same central database as the GeoEnrichment Server and are meant to replace the demographic map services provided with previous versions.

Explore what's Nearby

Summarize businesses or any point locations around a location using the new Nearby capability in infographics and reports. Answer questions such as how many and which restaurants are within a mile of a proposed quick service restaurant, what intersections around my site have high traffic counts, which banks and how far they are located within 10 minutes from a location.

This functionality is already available in the Business Analyst web app and is now available in Business Analyst Enterprise.

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