A quick tour of Business Analyst Server

Available with Business Analyst license.

Businesses need reliable and effective tools to help decide where to locate, relocate, expand, or consolidate. To maximize the return on investments, businesses must find their most profitable customers to market effectively, optimize a merchandising mix for different markets, and reduce unsold inventory. To do this, it is important to understand customer buying behaviors, find the best markets, and store locations to match customer profiles. Demographics, segmentation data, population forecasts, and related data can help make these important business decisions.

The most significant use of Business Analyst Server is to publish and promote your work in the form of shared maps. These maps can specify potential store locations, customers, trade areas, models, analysis processes, and functions. This helps standardize geographic processing techniques and workflow scenarios, which reduces software deployment costs and eases implementation burdens. With this approach, you can design and execute models and analyses and publish the results for others in your organization. You can also combine publication-quality maps, reports, and output into market studies and distribute them in a ready-to-use Web-browser based application.

Business Analyst Server runs on top of ArcGIS Server as an extension to Map Service, accessible at the Advanced Level. You can use it to support both small workgroups and large, enterprise-wide projects. Because you can integrate Business Analyst Server into enterprise workflows, you can distribute the results to others throughout your organization.

Business Analyst Server provides analysis and visualization capabilities to give businesses the tools to analyze markets and competition, find ideal sites for new business locations, evaluate the success and profitability of existing facilities, and perform advanced customer analytics in addition to targeting direct mail and marketing campaigns.

What is included with Business Analyst Server

Business Analyst Server product provides:

  • Business Analyst Server helps standardize geographic processing techniques and workflow scenarios while providing browser-based access to geographic analyses, queries and reports. In addition to including prebuilt workflow templates and supporting cross-platform deployment, this solution product consists of tools and functions specifically designed to perform spatially enabled business analysis from geointelligence data stored on Web-accessible servers.
  • Reports and analysis output integrates workflows into an enterprise environment with the ability to publish and share business data, maps, analyses, models, and reports through an organization with a server-oriented solution.
  • Data coupled with the leading technology allows you to analyze markets, profile customers, evaluate competitors, and identify opportunities. These datasets include a nationwide street network from HERE; Esri demographic variables at multiple geographic levels including block groups, census tracts, ZIP Codes, counties; an address geocoding service along with Tapestry data to create detailed segmentation studies in graphic report format to identify customer types; over approximately 13 million business locations from Infogroup; and an extensive shopping center database from the Directory of Major Malls.
  • Web APIs allow the creation of custom applications to provide a more engaging and interactive user experience, including REST API, that is easily used together with Flex development technology. In addition, mashup examples are available to help organizations get started with leveraging geospatial business analysis.
  • Business Analyst Desktop, a leading GIS desktop software package, offers easy-to-use analysis tools and data for performing sophisticated business decisions. Business Analyst Desktop studies can be shared with others via the Web while providing the ability to create instant reports to support decision-making processes.
  • the Business Analyst web app, a web based solution that applies GIS technology to extensive demographic, consumer spending, and business data to deliver on-demand analysis, presentation-ready reports and maps.
  • Projects upload/download allows the publishing or retrieval of Business Analyst projects and selected analysis layers to and from the Business Analyst Server environment. The upload/download utility makes it easy to take the work you created on the desktop and distribute it throughout your organization using Business Analyst Server.