An overview of the installation process

Available with Business Analyst license.


ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop is in mature support and follows the ArcGIS Desktop life cycle. There are no plans for future releases of ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop, and it is recommended that you migrate to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro. See Migrate to ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro for more information.

To install Business Analyst you will download the software and data install packages from the My Esri website using the Download Manager. Once you have saved the installs locally you will need to extract the 7-Zip packages and start the setup.exe files.


Your version of ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop will need to be at the same level as ArcGIS Desktop to ensure a successful installation.

Installation in brief

From My Esri, click the installation guide link for information on installation procedures or a setup link to start the associated setup program.

You can also exit My Esri and run the installation setup individually. To do so, navigate to the folder of the product you want to install and start the setup program. For instance, to install Business Analyst, navigate to the directory where the Business Analyst setup file has been saved and double-click setup.exe.

The typical installation workflow involves the completion of the following steps:

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