Use Racial Equity Community Outreach

The Racial Equity Community Outreach solution delivers a series of ArcGIS Online apps used to communicate key racial equity initiatives or programs, visualize workforce diversity metrics, gauge public sentiment, and share authoritative information about racial equity with the community.

Review equity programs

Racial equity develops goals and outcomes that will result in improvements for all groups, but the strategies are targeted based on the needs of a particular group. Many communities have developed equity plans, co-created with employees and community partners, that serve as a roadmap for action and change. They serve as a guide for pro-equity policies, planning, services, and work practices that advance equity within a community. Promoting equity plans and communicating progress on key initiatives or programs is critical to any pro-equity agenda.

In this workflow, you will assume the role of a resident, or member of the public. You are interested in equity programs or initiatives adopted by your community and progress made creating a more equitable community.

  1. In a browser, go the Racial Equity Community Outreach ArcGIS Hub site.
  2. Review the message from leadership, community focus, and performance metrics.
  3. Click Share your feedback and complete the Racial Equity and Inclusion Community Survey. Click Submit and close the browser tab.
  4. Return to the Racial Equity Community Outreach site.
  5. Navigate to Key Program Areas and review the Workforce program area. Click Learn more.
  6. The Workforce program page opens with the Workforce Diversity Dashboard. The Overview tab displays key diversity metrics.
  7. Click the drop-down in the upper right corner of the dashboard and select a department or agency. The diversity metrics update.
  8. In the bottom left corner of the Workforce Diversity Dashboard, click the Details tab.
  9. Charts are linked to the department filter. As you click and select a category in one chart, related details are filtered and updated in other charts.
  10. Review the Featured Events and Workforce Diversity Resources on the page. Click One Community in the top left corner of the page when complete.

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