Use Public Notification

The Public Notification solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you organize parcel, address and owner/occupant information, and improve customer service by providing timely notification of changes in their community.

In this topic, you’ll learn how to use the solution by assuming the role of a user and performing the workflows below.

Create mailing list

An update to the land use plan requires a zoning change for a residential area. As a result, city planners need to notify property owners and occupants in and around the proposed change for an upcoming public meeting. In this workflow, you'll learn how to create a structured mailing list using a selected parcel and adding the appropriate buffer to notify property owners and occupants.

You will start by assuming the role of a city and regional planner. You are asked to use Public Notification to notify property owners and occupants of a proposed zoning change.

  1. In a browser, go to the Public Notification app.
  2. Select or search for a parcel, address, or school district in the map.
  3. Optionally apply and update the search distance using a buffer.

    The buffer distance set during the configuration will be used as the default for each layer.

  4. Optionally add features to an existing selection when using selection drawing tools by pressing Shift while you draw or remove features from the existing selection by pressing Ctrl while you draw.
  5. Choose the Addressee layer used for the notification.
  6. If applicable, click Review to further refine and finalize your selection. Use the Select tool to add parcels and remove parcels.
  7. Choose the PDF label format or CSV output for the notification.
  8. Click Download.

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  1. Create mailing list