Use Plans and Drawings

The Plans and Drawings solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you index record drawings, associate a geographic extent with each drawing, and provide access to a catalog of plans and drawings in the office or the field.

In this topic, you’ll learn how to use the Plans and Drawings solution by assuming the role of the user and performing these workflows.

Index plans and drawings

You will assume the role of a public works engineer. You need to index a record drawing submitted for a recent bridge infrastructure project.

  1. In a browser, go to the Plan Index app.
  2. The Index Plan pane, enables you can create a new geographic extent for your project. To create a new plan, click Plans and Drawings template.
  3. Click on the map to draw the geographic extent around the section of Jefferson Ave that crosses the West Branch of the DuPage River and double-click to finish drawing the polygon.

    You can use the Search widget to quickly update the map extent to desired addresses, place names, or the locations of existing projects by searching on Project Names.

  4. Once your geographic extent is drawn on the map, you will be prompted with a Plans Index form. Fill out the form with the following project information:
    • In the Project Identifier text box type Proj-2020-02-10
    • Click the Project Type drop-down choose Bridge Project
    • In the Project Name text box type Jefferson Ave Bridge Updates
    • In the Project Description text box type Updates to existing infrastructure
    • Click the Project Start Date drop-down and choose a start date
    • Click Project End Date drop-down and choose an end date
    • In the Document Identifier text box type DOC-JeffersonBridge-2020
    • In the Document Path text box enter a URL or other resolvable file path to your organizations existing document repository solution
    • In the Document Location Description text box describe the physical location if documents are not stored in a digital format with a resolvable document path, link or URL, for example, Public Works Building, 2nd Floor in 2020 Projects Cabinet.
    • In the Document Owner text box type Public Works
    • In the Document Owner Contact text box type
  5. Click Save to complete the indexing workflow.

    Attachments can be useful for uploading before and after photos related to the project and other relevant project media.

View plans and drawings

Once indexed, record drawings can be easily accessed from the office or the field. You will assume the role of an engineer at a local utility and need to access pertinent plans and drawings while in the field on a site visit to a new infrastructure project.

  1. In a browser, go to the Plan Catalog app.
  2. In the Filter Plans pane, click the Project Type is filter drop-down and choose Bridge Project.

    Filters are active by default, choosing a Project Type, Start Date and/or End Date filter will automatically update the results in the map.

  3. In the map, select one of the project extents to get additional detail returned in a pop-up.

    Take note of the project information detail – Project Identification, name, dates, document owner and contact info are presented in the popup, along with a Document ID link.

  4. Click the Document ID link to open the referenced plan or drawing associated with this project. The link will open in a new browser tab.

Share a record drawing link

A colleague has requested information on the record drawing for a bridge project you recently indexed. You will use the Plan Catalog to create a direct link to the project details and share with your colleague.

  1. In a browser, go to the Plan Catalog app.
  2. Click the Share widget to open it.
  3. In the Share pane, under Share a link to this app, you see a pre-generated link. By default, the short link generated will use your apps current map extent.

    For this example, we will construct a query within the share link that it will open a specific project detail when opened.

  4. Click Link Options.
  5. Click Query a feature and zoom to it. Three drop-down menus will appear and will need to be completed to generate a project specific app link.
  6. Click the Select a layer from the current map drop-down, choose the Plans and Drawings layer.
  7. Click the field drop-down, choose the projname field.
  8. Click the value drop-down, an autocomplete option will help you find your project by typing in the name of the project. Alternatively, scroll through the drop-down list and choose Jefferson Ave Bridge Updates.
  9. At the top of the pane, click Back . The sharing short link is now updated using your project query information.
  10. Launch a pre-generated email with your custom app link by clicking Email. This will open an email draft from your device’s default email handler.

    Alternatively, clicking in the Share a link to this app text box will copy the link to your clipboard. Use this link to send via text message or other messaging app if accessing the Plan Catalog app on your phone.