Use My Neighborhood Services

The My Neighborhood Services solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you promote government facilities and services to the public.

In this topic, you’ll learn how to use the solution by assuming the role of a user and performing the workflows below.

Find Services

My Neighborhood Services is an application for the general public to find services near them. Members of the public can search for an address or click on the corresponding map to find information about services near them.

You are a member of the public and would like to learn what services are in your area.

  1. In a browser, go to the My Neighborhood Services app.
  2. Enter your address in the search box or click on a location directly on the map.
  3. Optionally, adjust the buffer slider to see a larger list of services.
  4. Select the location of interest from the list and review information provided
  5. Optionally, click on the Directions tab to view driving directions from your defined location.

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  1. Find Services