Use Coronavirus Force Readiness

The Coronavirus Force Readiness solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you understand the operational capacity of a force, monitor the status of units, and communicate capabilities and disruptions to commanders and administrative staffs during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In this topic, you’ll learn how to use the solution by assuming the role of a user and performing the workflows below.

Monitor force readiness

The Coronavirus Force Readiness solution includes a Personnel Readiness Report survey that collects information from personnel, including their duty type, location, MOS (military occupational specialty), unit they belong to, and wellness information. Units deploying Coronavirus Force Readiness should review the preconfigured questions and adjust as necessary to remain in compliance with policies and applicable laws of your state or unit. In addition, ensure that you secure the survey and underlying layers and only share the content with appropriate members of your unit.

Some organizations may find it more efficient to have an individual, such as someone from the armory, check their unit member in using the Personnel Readiness Batch Report survey. If a unit decides to use the batch survey, follow the same general steps below with the Personnel Readiness Batch Report survey and the Personnel Readiness Dashboard.

Complete individual readiness report

You will start by assuming the role of a military unit member. You are asked to use the Personnel Readiness Report survey to share your availability status each morning.

  1. In a browser, go to your Personnel Readiness Report survey.
  2. In the Personnel Readiness Report survey, fill in the following details:


    Select California.


    Select 1st Battalion.


    Select A Company.


    Select E-4/CPL.


    Type 12W.

    Select Duty Type

    Select State Active Duty.

    First Name

    Type your first name.

    Last Name

    Type your last name.


    Type your commander's name.

    Provide Location

    Select your location on the map or provide your address.

    Can you report for duty?

    Select No.

    Is it health related?

    Select Yes.

    Is it your health or someone else's?

    Select Self.

    Is it COVID-19 related?

    Select Yes.

    Select your status

    Select Quarantined.

    Select date quarantine started

    Select a date within 14 days of today.

    Check completed by:

    Select Self.

  3. Click Submit.

Monitor personnel readiness

Now, you will assume the role of the Readiness NCO in the same unit. You are asked to monitor the readiness of your unit and are looking to see whether your unit is available to be assigned to a mission. You will view the overall readiness of your workforce.


The steps below are the same if you are an administrative NCO and will be using the Admin Dashboard to monitor the readiness of your team. The Admin Dashboard will contain personal information about the individual unit members.

  1. In a browser, go to the Personnel Readiness Dashboard app.
  2. The Personnel Readiness Dashboard opens with an overview of the overall readiness of the brigade and each battalion in the brigade.

    The overview displays key metrics. This information gives leadership a quick overview of the number of unit members available. Statistics related to the availability of your unit are also shown.

  3. In the filter at the top of the dashboard, click Last 24 Hrs to see a complete list of the submissions from the last 24 hours.
  4. Filter by Time frame, MOS by Battalion, and MOS by Company. Review the list of personnel and their locations in the map.
  5. Click each of the Battalion tabs to see the availability for each company in that battalion.
  6. Adjust the slider in the Quarantined (Start Date) - Last 14 Days chart to adjust the time period you want to review.

In the lower left corner of the dashboard, you can review the COVID-19 Status submitted by individual unit members.