Use Adopt-A-Catch Basin

The Adopt-A-Catch Basin solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you engage volunteers to keep catch basins clear of debris and functioning properly, manage participants, and monitor the adoption program.

In this topic, you’ll learn how to use the solution by assuming the role of a user and performing the workflows below.

Adopt a catch basin

You’ll assume the role of a resident in the community that would like to participate in your city’s adopt-a-catch basin program. You’ll use the Adopt-A-Catch Basin app to adopt a catch basin near your home and report its condition.

  1. In a browser, open the Adopt-A-Catch Basin site and review the sections.
  2. Scroll to the Adopt a Catch Basin section click Adopt Catch Basin to open the Adopt-A-Catch Basin app.
  3. Use the Enter Email Address text box to sign up and begin the adoption process. Enter your contact details in the subsequent form and click Sign Up.
  4. The Adopt-A-Catch Basin app will send an email with program details and a link you will use to login to the app. In the received email, click Login. Returning users also receive an email with a link used to login to the app.

    The Adopt-A-Catch Basin app will open in a browser with your newly created user authenticated. Notice the instructions to Please select a catch basin on map to adopt.

  5. Select an available catch basin to adopt (the green symbols on the map). Optionally, add a nickname to your catch basin in the textbox. Click Adopt.

Adopt-A-Catch Basin will display a thank you message. The information pane will display your catch basin as I’ve been Adopted. Options to report the condition of the catch basin (for example, cleaned, clogged or damaged), or abandon the catch basin are displayed. The participant can use the Adopt-A-Catch Basin app to regularly report cleanings and condition.

Manage adoptions and participants

You are now a public works agency employee managing the catch basing adoption program. You will use Adopt-A-Catch Basin Manager to resolve reported issues and contact program participants.

  1. In a browser, open the Adopt-A-Catch Basin Manager app.
  2. Configure the filter on the Last Known Condition filter to Damaged to view all reported damaged catch basins.
  3. Select one of the catch basins to view its details.
  4. Public Works has repaired the catch basin. You'll use the Adopt-A-Catch Basin Manager app to contact the adopter to let them know the catch basin has been repaired.
  5. Click Email Adopter in the information panel. Adopt-A-Catch Basin Manager will open your email client and present a pre-formatted subject.
  6. Click the edit button on the information panel and change the Last Known Condition to No Issues and save the changes.
  7. Optionally, use the Manage User’s Catch Basin to launch the Adopt-A-Catch Basin Manager app and manage the catch basins adopted by the selected user. This workflow can be used to remove an adopter from a catch basin, making it available for adoption.

Monitor the program

You will continue your role as a public works employee, this time looking to monitor the Adopt-A-Catch Basin program. You will use the Adopt-A-Catch Basin Dashboard to review key metrics and trends.

  1. In a browser, open the Adopt-A-Catch Basin Dashboard app.

    The Adopt-A-Catch Basin Dashboard displays new adoptions and cleaning charts by month and provides management a quick view of program activity over time.

  2. On the overview tab, review the high-level metrics.
  3. Click the Catch Basin tab on the bottom.
  4. Click the arrow located on the left of the app to display additional filters.
  5. Use the Status filter to select Adopted. The dashboard will only display adopted catch basins.
  6. Use the Last Cleaned filter to display catch basins cleaned within the Last 30 days. Optionally, use other filters to further refine the dashboard.
  7. Select a catch basin from the list or the map to view key details. Optionally, use the Manage Asset button in the pop-up to launch the Adopt-A-Catch Basin Manager app.

    Dashboard charts are linked. As you click and select a month in either the new adoptions or cleanings by month chart, related details are filtered and updated in other elements of the dashboard.

  8. Continue exploring and applying filters to reveal more details about the Adopt-A-Catch Basin program.