Configure Shelter Locator

In this topic you will learn how to configure the Shelter Locatorsolution to meet specific needs in your organization.

Load emergency shelters

You may have emergency shelters that you would like to use in the Shelter Locator solution. To accomplish this objective, you will need to load your data into the emergencyshelters layer provided with the app.


To append your data, it must be in either a file geodatabase or shapefile format.

To load your facilities information from another data source, complete the steps below:

  1. If necessary, sign into your ArcGIS Organization.
  2. At the top of the site, click Content.
  3. On the My Content tab, type Shelter Locator in the search box.
  4. Under the Item Type, click Layers - Feature Layers.

    Some of the feature layers have a suffix added such as public. These are layer views of the of the original source feature layer. These layer views are used to share information with public without showing all the details or allowing the public to edit the layers. The original source layers do not have a suffix.

  5. Click Emergency Shelters to view the item details.
  6. Click Update Data and select Append Data to Layer.
  7. Under Filename choose your geodatabase or shapefile.
  8. Click Upload and Continue.
  9. Click Show field matching to match the fields from the spreadsheet to the fields in the selected feature layer.
  10. After you have matched the fields, click Apply Updates.
  11. Click on the Data tab in the banner of the item page to confirm your data has loaded successfully.

When you deploy the Emergency Management Operations solution and the Shelter Locator solution and both solutions are owned by the same user, then the EmergencyShelters layer is shared between the solutions. This allows the emergency shelter information, for example, shelter status, and to be updated using the Operations Response app and is visibility in the Shelter Locator and others apps that are part of the Emergency Operations solution.

Configure directions

Shelter Locator can be configured to provide directions to the nearest shelter.

Follow the steps below to connect to a routing service and configure the app to enable directions.

  1. If necessary, sign into your ArcGIS Online Organization.
  2. Browse to the web app item page and click Configure App.
  3. In the left hand panel, click Interactivity.
  4. Click the slider to enable Show directions.
  5. The Configuring App page has a Full Setup and Express Setup mode. If you are in the Full Setup mode, you will also need to click the Results section.
  6. Click Publish.
  7. Click Confirm.

    The Authorize premium content dialog box will appear indicating this functionality will consume credits.

  8. Click Authorize
  9. Click Launch and explore the capabilities of enabling directions.