Configure Racial Equity Community Outreach

Racial Equity Community Outreach can be used by government agencies to communicate progress made on racial equity initiatives or programs to the public and other interested stakeholders.

Load data

Workforce, or employee, information must be loaded into the workforce feature layer before using the Workforce Diversity Dashboard. This information is typically sourced from a government organization’s human resources (HR) system and can be loaded from a spreadsheet into ArcGIS Online. If you do not have this information in an HR system, your workforce information may be entered directly into the ArcGIS Online feature layer.

Review the layers provided with the solution and determine what source data you would like to load. Then determine how you might source this information a spreadsheet export from your HR system if possible.

Load data from a spreadsheet

To load your workforce, or personnel, information from a spreadsheet, complete the steps below:

  1. Create a .zip file of your shapefile or file geodatabase.
  2. In your ArcGIS organization, browse to the feature layer you wish to populate.
  3. On the feature layer item details page, Click Update Data and select Append Data to Layer.
  4. Under Filename, click Choose File.
  5. Navigate to your .zip file and click Open.
  6. Under Contents, select Shapefile or File Geodatabase.
  7. Click Upload and Continue.
  8. Choose the layer that you wish to load data into and the layer that contains the updated data.
  9. Uncheck Update existing features.
  10. Click Show field matching and map the fields between the two layers.
  11. Click Apply Updates.

To make additional updates to a hosted feature layer, see Append data to layers.

Modify racial equity survey

The Racial Equity Community Outreach solution includes a Racial Equity and Inclusion Community Survey that can be used to gather feedback on racial equity initiatives or programs from the public. Review the preconfigured questions and align the survey with your organizational policies and desired outcomes.

To modify the Racial Equity and Inclusion Community Survey, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign into your ArcGIS Online organization and browse to the Racial Equity and Inclusion Community Survey.
  2. On the item details page, click Open in Survey 123 and select Manage in Survey123 website from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the Design tab.
  4. Make your desired edits to the survey and save the changes.
  5. Click Publish.