Configure Participatory Budgeting

In this topic, you will learn how to configure the Participatory Budgeting solution to meet specific needs in your organization.

Configure the Participatory Budgeting site

The Participatory Budgeting solution includes the Participatory Budgeting ArcGIS Hub site that your organization can configure with your own branding and share important budgeting and planning information with the public.

After deploying the Participatory Budgeting solution, the Participatory Budgeting site layout only requires a few updates to fit your local context. Consider what information you already have and what you can most easily find. This information can include the following:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization and browse to the Participatory Budgeting site.
  2. Open the item page, click Configure App.
  3. Click the edit button edit to open the site editor.
  4. Scroll to the Statistics section listed under the title of the website. The Community Ideas statistics card are already linked to the Participatory Budgeting solution’s PublicProjectIdeas_public feature layer. This statistic will automatically update as you load data into your solution.

    The Available Budget and Ideas Funded statistics are provided in a text card but styled to resemble the Community Ideas statistics card; this allows you the option to manually enter a statistic of your choice, independent of data. Update the Available Budget and Ideas Funded statistic cards using a metric of your choice or replace the text card with a Summary Statistics card and use the PublicProjectIdeas_public feature layer view as its data source, similarly to the other statistics cards.

  5. Update the Available Budget and Ideas Funded cards by hovering over one of the cards and click the settings button settings, and then update the text. To add a Summary Statistics card onto the existing row, see Display key metrics section in the Insert charts, tables and metrics topic. Once the card has been added to the row, hover over the replaced card and click the delete button delete.
  6. Scroll to the Meet the Participatory Budgeting Committee section, hover over the card and click the settings button settings on the horizontal toolbar.
  7. To update the image, click Code View and replace the existing URL with the URL of your image.
  8. Click Code View and edit the photo names in the card.
  9. Scroll to the Frequently Asked Questions section, hover over the card and click the settings button settings, and update the questions and answers.
  10. Modify your site’s Footer, on the side panel, click Customize Toggle customize toggle.
  11. Click Footer. A custom footer is already provided, and in most cases needs to be updated with just your Organizations branding, contact information and social media references.
  12. Click the HTML text box.

    HTML window opens.

  13. Make the necessary changes and click Apply.
  14. Click Save.