Configure Market Development

In this topic, you will learn how to configure the Market Development solution to meet specific needs in your organization.

Load data

Information must be loaded before using the Market Explorer Dashboard and Sales Performance Dashboard. The AssetSource and SalesdataSource can be used to organize your business information before loading into ArcGIS the accompanying sales data in your organization.


Ensure you populate the Asset_ID column in the AssetSource with unique values.

You may need to load existing assets or sales data from a spreadsheet. Review the maps or applications provided with the solution and determine what, if any, source data you would like to load.

If you do not have an inventory of assets and sales data in ArcGIS, you may have them in a spreadsheet or another system you can export to a spreadsheet. If you don’t have a spreadsheet already, you can use the sample .csv files included with the solution (AssetSource, SalesdataSource) to inventory your assets and sales data.

To load your assets or sales data from a spreadsheet, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization and browse to the AssetSource item.
  2. Open the items details page.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Edit the CSV file and populate your facility information in the document.

    At a minimum, you must provide a unique Asset_ID and the latitude and longitude for each facility in the FacilitySource. If you don't have a unique ID, you can edit the CSV file in Excel and copy this formula into the first row of the facilityid column: =CONCATENATE("Asset-", TEXT(ROW(A1),"00000")). You can then drag the right corner of the cell to fill the formula down for all facilities, giving each a unique ID.

  5. In your ArcGIS organization at the top of the site, click Content.
  6. Browse to the Assets feature layer.
  7. On the item details page, click Update Data and select Append Data to Layer.
  8. Under Filename, choose your .csv file.
  9. Click Upload and Continue.
  10. Uncheck Update existing features.
  11. Click Show field matching to map the fields.
  12. Click Apply Updates.
  13. Repeat steps 1 through 12 by downloading the SalesdataSource CSV file and updating the Asset Sales Data table.

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