Configure Coronavirus Business Reopening

In this topic, you will learn how to configure the Coronavirus Business Reopening solution to meet specific needs in your organization.

Load data

The Coronavirus Business Reopening solution can be used by organizations as a source of information while making the decision to reopen locations in multiple states.

Facility information must be loaded and the ArcGIS Notebook must be run before using the dashboard. The FacilitySource file can be used to organize facility information before loading it into ArcGIS. Ensure that you populate the facilityid column with unique values in the FacilitySource; otherwise, the application will not work effectively.

In some cases, you may have an inventory of facilities in ArcGIS already. If you do, review the layers provided with the solution and determine what, if any, source data you would like to load. Then load your existing data into the layers provided with the ArcGIS Solution before sharing the maps or applications.


If you do have to load data into the solution, you may want to develop a source-target matrix to track how your source data will be loaded into the target layer or layers used in the solution.

To load your facilities from a spreadsheet, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization and browse to the FacilitiesSource item.
  2. Open items details page.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Edit the CSV and populate your facility information in the document.

    At a minimum, you must provide a unique facilityid and the latitude and longitude for each facility in the FacilitySource. If you don't have a unique id, you can edit the CSV in Excel and copy this formula into the first row of the facilityid column: =CONCATENATE("Facility-", TEXT(ROW(A1),"00000")). You can then drag the right corner of the cell to fill the formula down for all facilities giving each a unique id.

  5. In your ArcGIS organization, at the top of the site, click Content.
  6. On the My Content tab, type facilities in the search box.
  7. Under the Item Type, click Layers - Feature Layers.
  8. Click on the item title for the layer that you want to load data into to view its details.
  9. Click Update Data and select Append Data to Layer.
  10. Under Filename, choose your spreadsheet.
  11. Click Upload and Continue.
  12. Click Show field matching to map the fields.
  13. If you are only appending new features to the layer, click Apply Updates.

    To make additional updates to a hosted feature layer, see Append data to layers.

Extend the business reopening facilities layer

The Coronavirus Business Reopening solution contains a layer for facilities that represents your organization's assets. Organizations may want to modify the facilities layer or the Facility Status Report surveys by first adding new fields to the feature layers and then configuring the surveys to use the newly created fields. When doing so, the new fields must be exposed in the appropriate views. Additionally, some views are created by joining two sources together, and these views must be re-created with the same name and URL after a new field is added.

Organizations may want to modify the Facility Status Report survey by adding new survey questions. When adding new questions, begin with the Update feature layer views section below. For changes such as removing questions or formatting the survey, proceed to the Modify Facility Status Report survey section.

Update feature layer views

To add one, or more, fields to a layer and re-create the views, complete the following steps:

  1. Add a new field to a layer in the Facilities hosted feature layer.
  2. Browse to the view in your contents.
  3. Click the Open in Map View drop-down arrow and click Add to new map.
  4. Click the More Options button on the appropriate layer or table, click Set View Definition, and click Define Fields.
  5. Scroll to the newly created field and check the box. Click Apply.

    The new field is added to the view’s definition.

To update a join view, complete the following steps:

  1. Browse to the join view in your contents (for example, Facilities_current).
  2. On the item details page, scroll to the URL section. Click the Copy button.
  3. Paste the copied URL into Windows Notepad or another text editor for reference.

    The feature layer name will be used below when re-creating the join. The name can be found after services in the URL structure and may also contain a unique GUID. For example, Facilities_current_a45f71a48587425c9b90ee5527cd26d1.

  4. Delete the existing join view (for example, Facilities_current).
  5. Add the source hosted feature layer to a new web map (for example, Facilities).
  6. Click Analysis > Summarize Data > Join Features.
  7. Configure the join using the following table:

    Name of joinTarget layerLayer to join to the target layerFields to matchJoin operationDefine which record is kept



    US Counties Coronavirus Trends

    countyfips = cty_fips

    Join one to one

    First record



    Facilities Status Report

    GlobalID = facilityguid

    Join one to one

    Order by created_date/Newest


    Ensure that each new join view uses the names defined in this table. If you use the same names, the layers in the map and the existing dashboard widgets do not have to be reconfigured. If your join view contains a unique GUID, the new join view must be named with the unique GUID.

  8. If necessary, uncheck Use current map extent. Check Create results as hosted feature layer view.
  9. Optionally, update the Coronavirus Business Reopening Dashboard to account for the new fields you added to the layers.

Modify a Facility Status Report survey

To modify a Facility Status Report survey, complete the following steps:

  1. Install ArcGIS Survey123 Connect.
  2. Start ArcGIS Survey123 Connect and sign in to your ArcGIS organization.
  3. Click Facility Status Report to download the survey.
  4. Click Facility Status Report again to open the survey.
  5. In the left pane, click Open XLSForm Spreadsheet.
  6. In the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, click the choices tab.

    This tab comprises all the selectable options for survey questions.

  7. Revise the survey to reflect your needs.
  8. Save the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and preview your changes in ArcGIS Survey123 Connect.
  9. In ArcGIS Survey123 Connect, click Publish in the left pane to publish your changes.