Introduction to Hospitalization and PPE Inventory

Hospitalization and PPE Inventory can be used to inventory hospital bed capacity and available personal protective equipment (PPE) such as ventilators, face masks, medical gowns, and gloves.

Many hospitals have been overwhelmed by a surge in COVID-19 patients and are dealing with shortages of intensive care unit beds and limited bed availability is impacting the ability to separate COVID-19 patients from other patients. The surge in patients has also increased the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), taxed supplies and threatened to impact staff safety. Access to timely hospitalization information and PPE utilization can help mitigate equipment shortages and improve the quality of patient care. Hospitalization and PPE Inventory is typically implemented by emergency management and public safety agencies that want to take a data-driven approach and understand the current capacity of health resources in their community.

The Hospitalization and PPE Inventory solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you solicit daily hospitalization and PPE reports and monitor the capacity of hospitals and PPE availability.

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Deploy now

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Hospitalization and PPE Inventory requires the following:

  • ArcGIS Online

Information products

Hospitalization and PPE Inventory includes the following information products:

ItemDescriptionMinimum user type

Hospitalization and PPE Dashboard

An ArcGIS Dashboards app used by emergency response staff to monitor hospitalization and personal protective equipment (PPE) inventories


Hospitalization and PPE Report

An ArcGIS Survey123 form used by a hospital or acute care center to report hospitalization status and PPE inventory

Mobile Worker

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Release notes

The following are the release notes:



  • A new Hospitalization and PPE Dashboard.


  • First release of Hospitalization and PPE Inventory