Planning and Development

Sustainable communities don't just happen, they require professionals dedicated to more livable and prosperous communities. Communities must balance the needs of their residents, infrastructure, and the environment to ensure they adapt to economic and demographic changes. Use ArcGIS Solutions to engage the community in your growth management plans, promote business diversity, attract talented citizens, and encourage quality places and neighborhoods.

Encourage orderly growth

3D Basemaps
3D Basemaps

3D Basemaps can be used to author and maintain a 3D basemap for your organization.

Development Impact Analysis solution
Development Impact Analysis

Development Impact Analysis can be used to evaluate proposed developments and assess their impact on solar radiation, shadows, and viewsheds in a community.

Incentive zones solution
Incentive Zones

Incentive Zones can be used to share incentives that encourage new business, or the expansion of existing businesses, in a community.

Site Selector solution
Site Selector

Site Selector can be used to market available buildings and sites to business owners and corporations looking to invest in a community.

Stabilize neighborhoods

Neighborhood Early Warning solution
Neighborhood Early Warning

Neighborhood Early Warning can be used to identify neighborhoods trending in a positive or negative direction and ultimately measure the fragility of neighborhoods over time.

Neighborhood Stabilization solution
Neighborhood Stabilization

Neighborhood Stabilization can be used to understand current property conditions, return blighted properties to productive use, and engage the public in neighborhood stabilization conversations.

Promote public parking

Public Parking
Public Parking

Public Parking can be used to inventory parking assets and promote public parking (lots, garages, on-street spaces, and pay stations) alternatives in a downtown or neighborhood.

Engage the public

Land Use Outreach solution
Land Use Outreach

Land Use Outreach can be used to share development regulations, construction activity, and solicit feedback on current land cases from the public.

My Neighborhood Services solution
My Neighborhood Services

My Neighborhood Services can be used to share information about available facilities and services in a community.

Public Notification solution
Public Notification

Public Notification can be used to identify a collection of properties and create structured mailing lists of owners and occupants.

Citizen Problem Reporter solution
Citizen Problem Reporter

Citizen Problem Reporter can be used to solicit non-emergency problem reports (for example, blight, graffiti, trash, potholes, clogged drains, and flooding) from the general public.

School Locator solution
School Locator

School Locator can be used to share district and attendance zone boundaries with the general public.

Manage code violations

Code Enforcement Operations solution
Code Enforcement Operations

Code Enforcement Operations can be used to collect and monitor code violations and related inspection information.

Assess environmental impact

Environmental Analysis solution
Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis can be used to evaluate and understand environmental impacts of proposed development projects and solicit feedback from stakeholders.

Manage address information

Address Data Management solution
Address Data Management

Address Data Management can be used to maintain an authoritative inventory of road centerlines with address ranges, valid road names, site addresses, and related mailing addresses.

Address Field Operations solution
Address Field Operations

Address Field Operations can be used to crowdsource missing address information from stakeholders, manage address fieldwork, and collect and verify address information while in the field.

Promote recreation opportunities

Recreation Outreach solution
Recreation Outreach

Recreation Outreach can be used to increase participation in outdoor activities and understand recreation license trends.

Monitor conservation easements

Conservation Easement Monitoring solution
Conservation Easement Monitoring

Conservation Easement Monitoring can be used to routinely inspect conservation easements and monitor conservation easement programs.

Manage special event permits

Special Event Permitting and Operations solution
Special Event Permitting and Operations

Special Event Permitting and Operations can be used to manage special event permits, protect event attendees, and promote special events occurring in the community.

Measure performance

Performance Management solution
Performance Management

Performance Management can be used to monitor key performance metrics and communicate progress made on strategic outcomes to the general public and other interested stakeholders.